Welcome To A World Of Pre-Teen Whimsy

Dear Audy,

It has been a hip-lead, painful, weekend during which I have hardly moved from the couch at all and have worked my way further toward the final episode of Gilmore Girls….after which I’m not quite sure what I’ll do with myself, 2 discs to go…waiting to see the rheumatologist is sore and boring…which is why that’s all I’m saying on that subject today.

I’ve recently been going through some old boxes of nostalgia. I threw out very little as a youngin. I have all sorts of Art projects and an impressive collection of keyrings but the most interesting stuff is my old writing. I even found a diary from some teenage years that I don’t remember keeping….it’s full of solid gold angst…and everyone who is no longer a teenager knows that teenage angst is the funniest kind!

Before the solid gold diary, there was an orange exercise book. A little orange book, that I quite clearly wanted you to keep out of.

Well, now I’m inviting you inside…


Welcome to a world of pre-teen whimsy, of longing and Dolly Fiction. All I seemed to care about was boys and which boy I had a crush on and fantasising about superstar boys (I’m not saying that amongst the nostalgia there wasn’t a scrapbook of legends such as Dean Cain and Jonathan Taylor Thomas, nor a poster of Dieter Brummer). I See appears to be about a fictional relationship my tween self had with someone. Apparently he treated her badly and then he went on to be a scoundrel to other girls. That considered, it’s a good thing she saw him get his in the end…I’m not so sure if she was responsible or if she just managed to magically see his whole life somehow…whatever it was it sure is a snappy ending!


This next piece is so special, Audy, that Tween Caf clearly had to scribble it down in the heat of the moment…on an Alf pad. An Alf pad. If that’s not the epitome of awesome, nothing is. Remember how he ate cats? Alf was television genius. Anyway, things turn out better for Tween Caf and Fiction Guy in this one. She’s worried for a while that she might lose him to Sue….but it turns out they all live happily ever after…except Sue….but the tone would have you believe that Sue liked being the high school flirt, I doubt she ever really cared about Fiction Guy at all.



So, Audy, I’ve spilled some serious beans here, uncovered some gems of Shakespearian like perfection…what’s hiding in your shoe box??

Love & Cackles,


P.S. Lalaini met her first friend the other day! (In my head, they met in my head) Her name is Nora Andrews, Nora has wildly curly hair that she refuses to brush and a good sprinkling of freckles across her baby plump face. Lalaini rescued Nora from some school bullies (the absolute best way for fictional children to become friends). That’s about as far as I got, it’s coming out as one of those stories that sends you a bunch of little scenes that you have to weave together later…I’m itching to put a little lead to Nora so that might be what Caf does for the rest of this crippled Monday.

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  • 8 thoughts on “Welcome To A World Of Pre-Teen Whimsy

    1. Karin

      Oh Caf, that was hilarious and so cute! The teen/tween angst you displayed is just classic, and the touches of cultural glimpses (Alf!?!) add that authenticity element that makes it all the richer. Thanks for sharing your treasure hunt finds :)

    2. miz katie

      I hope your pain is easing today. You are too young to be going through all that you are.

      Love the journal. Thanks for sharing it with us. Isn’t weird to read something you wrote years ago? Heck, I think it’s sometimes weird to read something I wrote last week. heehee

    3. Rebecca

      Caf, this is so funny & has tickled me. I found myself in the same situation last week. I have been trying to get my life 'organized' & all my belongings in one spot! I ran across tons of journals & old poems from my tween-teen years & although I didn't have any fancy Alf paper at the time, the scribblings were hilarious. I kept thinking 'Why, why did I need to write that down?'

      The things girls pine over when we're young!

      I'm wishing you a happy & pain-free Wednesday!


    4. Nadine

      oh caf, i hardly knew ye. 😛

      did anyone know such a passionate angsty teenage heart throbbed within the bounds of someone who seemed, well, calm?

    5. The Minimalist

      Hats off to you for revealing this! I threw out a bunch of journals just last week. I found one that describes in detail my life during my summer off (when I was a teacher) and my son was nine. I talk about the books we read together and the places we went as a family. I realized when I decided to keep that one that he is the best thing I ever did. He’s almost 25 now so when I miss little boy Ryan I can read about it in my own words from long ago. Perhaps we should all print out our blogs so we can read them when we’re ninety!

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