Video: Summer Flares & Getting Past Them

Dear Audy,

It’s talkie time! In this video I am chatting about how Summer effects my chronic pain, what helps make it better and what doesn’t, and also what happens now that it’s Autumn…


Do you have chronic pain? What weather conditions are hardest for you to bear?

Love & Falling Leaves,

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  • 8 thoughts on “Video: Summer Flares & Getting Past Them

    1. Della

      Fabulous, as usual! You and I are opposites when it comes to what seasons torture us, but the tortures are much the same, as are the recoveries. One difference for me is that I very rarely swell, and if I do, it’s only a little bit. Perhaps that is why I actually savor humidity… lol
      It’s rather funny that we nose-dive and recover at the same times of the year, but in opposite seasons. Hoping for the best possible Fall for you, as I go into what I hope is a wonderful Spring! πŸ˜€ I’m starting it off right with a trip to see my niece down south (where it’s warmer and more humid,) because she misses me and is getting me down there. So exciting! One week, then I’m out off for three in South Carolina. Yayy!

      1. Hayley Cafarella Post author

        Oh, yay for holidays!! I hope that you have a wonderfully fabulous time! Thankfully the humidity is bearable now, although we’re expecting clouds and heat tomorrow so I’m not counting any chickens… πŸ˜› Enjoy your break and the weather warming up, I quite enjoy Spring as well, probably most of all! xoxo

    2. Kathryn

      Once again Hayley ~ YOU ROCK @ communicating what living w/RSD~CRPS is all about! I, too struggle w/barometric pressure changes & chronic pain, predominantly headaches & my Hubbster has to remind me that, just like you said, “This TOO shall pass!” but the human, impatient creature that I am wants to ‘rebutt’ (pun intended) and add, “This too shall pass like GAS, but I want it to stink NOW!” LOL
      Enjoy the ‘coolness’ of Autumn! Love ya!! KT

      1. Hayley Cafarella Post author

        Hehe, thanks Kathryn! It amazes me how often I forget that things are going to pass, I’m getting better at it but it can be hard to see – especially when that “thing” is blinding pain! ;P I’m coping much better now, I can drive and as long as I don’t have to do anything the next day then I can deal with the excess pain hangover. Still trying to teach my brain that pain doesn’t have to be a bad or scary thing, it’s slow progress but it’s happening… Many hugs to you! xx

    3. Jen

      Hayley my dear friend,
      you have the art of capturing an audience both through your videos and your writing… you are a talented individual!
      While watching you Vlog, it brought back memories from one of my visits a couple of years ago of how quickly the weather/humidity can change your condition immensly and ultimatly affect you for days. This was when you were holding the door open for your adorable dogs to come in at your old house, and your hands and arms where outside for all of 20-30 seconds. Having seen it happen, I can only imagine worse scenerios.

      While the hot weather makes life more difficult due to my frequent HOT FLUSHES, it doesnt necessary make too much difference to my pain.

      And also Its only recently been brought to my attention that i dont consider my respirtory problems that ARE chronic as a chronic condition… more as just an annoyance or complication on top of my chronic pain. That is going to take some time to adjust to. But the weather definatly affects my breathing along with all the virus’s, infections and other bugs that go round each season!

      Ahhh such is life huh! We just live in it.

      1. Hayley Cafarella Post author

        Thank you, Lovely! The speed at which my condition changes can be quite impressive, even if that’s in a very annoying way πŸ˜› That is a very good point about your breathing, it can be hard to see a new(er) problem as chronic when there is already an existing pain condition. It is just not fair! Sending lots of hugs, you will get back to easier breathing days again, hang in there :) xoxo

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