Turning To Face The Sun

Dear Audy,

I woke up feeling very out of sorts this morning. I was in a level way past the sort of pain that I can deal with and not in the sort of mood to cope effectively.

I rolled out of bed, early because I had a Feldenkrais appointment. Unfortunately, some main roads near my house are still closed from the recent flooding. This means that an insane amount of extra traffic is being diverted past my house and getting out of the estate in the morning can take around 45 minutes. That’s the amount of time it usually takes me to get to my appointment! Knowing I’d never make it on time, or in a reasonable condition if I did decide to sit in the car that long, I had to move my appointment to next week.

It’s frustrating to wake to both pain and disappointment. I got all overwhelmed and sooky and far more worked up than I needed to be. I have a few deadlines for different events looming and was feeling incapable of doing anything.

After a little while, I realised that I needed to improve my physical condition if I hoped to achieve any of the things that were weighing on my mind. Out went my plans of writing, sewing and organising and in came plans of tackling my pain and nourishing my wellbeing.

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I am fairly proud of the mental turnaround. I woke up my thinker with some coffee, whilst distracting it with 90210. I took some painkillers and settled into the couch until they kicked in. The next two hours or so I spent soaking in the tub, reading, exfoliating and generally relaxing.

The sun shined divinely today. Sun is something that my skin doesn’t see enough of. I dragged out my comfy outdoor recliner and basked in the Vitamin D for about 15 minutes, any longer would have involved sunscreen and I wasn’t in the mood for greasing up.

Next came the quick construction of a plan to handle the final preparations for my costume and also one for my prince. Turns out I had a blouse in the cupboard that, on a man, looks very 18th Century…who’da thunk it? I’ll op-shop for pants and shoes, add some frills and he’s done. Having those issues settled allowed my anxiety to calm its ass down a bit.

All this relaxation had gotten my pain low enough for me to have the courage to do some very gentle Feldenkrais. I approached the movements really slowly and gently and managed to iron out some of my kinks.

For my final pat on the back, I have eaten nothing but healthy stuff, which has been something I often try to do and never quite make it. I’m pleased to say that I am making progress, craving much less sugar and getting a wider variety of fruit and vegetables into my belly.

Today might not have been the day that I wanted to wake up to, but I think I did pretty well making the most of it. It’s easy to get overwhelmed on a weak day, but not impossible to correct my perspective if I focus on what is important.

I now feel ready to have a good sleep and get productive and back to the things I need to do tomorrow…which is much better than I would have felt if I’d spent all day worrying about the things that I could not do.

Love & The Daily Grind,

P.S. Tomorrow is Love Beats Hate day, hurrah!

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  • 7 thoughts on “Turning To Face The Sun

    1. Jen

      Hey gorgeous, I hope my text message inspired this goodness and like I told you re your dress up party; things will work themselves out. Seems like they are starting too! Take care luvie,

    2. bronnie

      I suffer from pain every day (and night) so know how it feels to have crap happen that stops you from getting to appointments to get relief. It sounds like you handled today really well … hope tomorrow is even better.

      1. Hayley Cafarella Post author

        Hi Bronnie, thanks so much for reading, I’m sorry that you have to put up with so much pain as well! I have taken a long time to get around to replies, my apologies. It’s a blob day today, however the pain has been getting much better overall. I hope that you are getting some relief too! x

    3. suzy Q

      Hey sweetie….I love you as always…you have the best perspectives even on my worst days…even on your worst days it seems. I need to share this with my younger daughter who is in Graduate school and wakes up daily in a sad sort of way and feels no control over her own life, though I’m not sure why? She just got a car and she’s responsible for it and the gas and the insurance. She has a fiance’ and a part time job and is going to school. She recently got an African Grey Parrot and loves her to death “Matilda”. I don’t know but that all sounds good to me and she had “NO PAIN” physically. I’m not inside of her head so I hate to say it but I feel that she somehow is in pain of a different kind. Well, I thought reading your last blog here would be good for her and many. You are so wise beyond your years my dear friend… I hope and pray we will stay friends forever…love,Suz Q….Suzanne…Jewelrymkr….whatever you want to call me as long as it’s a nice name! LOL xoxo to you …

      1. Hayley Cafarella Post author

        Hi Suzy!! Sorry for the super late replying. I have been catching up on your blog and Matilda is ADORABLE!! The pics of her and Amy are just so sweet, more please! I hope that you are doing ok, so sorry to have not been available lately but I’m trying to figure out a better way to manage my time so that I don’t get so far behind. Much love to you and your gorgeous family xoxo

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