Thou Ought Be Wary The BC Fairy

Dear Audy,

It has always been a wish of mine to find out how to contact the cleaning fairies. Mothers the world over seem to know where they live…but they aren’t spilling the beans. I was starting to think (horror!) that perhaps there were no cleaning fairies…But that isn’t the case…

My bathroom is feeling particularly spring cleaned today. It certainly got a visit from a cleaning fairy. A crazy cleaning fairy who thought spring cleaning was a great idea! At first. The bathroom cleaning fairy did visit me, Audy, and this is her story:

‘Twas a wintry Spring time day
When the time came for the clean
An urge beyond any reproach
To reveal a sparkly glean

I trembled inside, as I realised
I ought now to be wary
For she would come, that manic one
The bathroom cleaning fairy

She scraped, she scrubbed, she swept and wiped
From down low to up high
No ick, no muck, no mould would dare
Escape her feverish eye

For hours and hours and hours on end
She toiled, her muscles aching
Until, at last, the job was passed
A shiny bathroom for the taking

The fairy began to grumble as
Her cleaning frenzy abated
That helpful, hopeful fairy smile
Quickly disintegrated

She is firm and fair is she
But still a little scary
For it isn’t any fun to be
The bathroom cleaning fairy


So now, as well as a clean bathroom, I have this weird, kinda grotesque self portrait…I’ve never drawn a self portrait before. What do you think? It’s entirely odd, I keep expecting to look in the mirror and see that my face has become the me in the sketch….creepy.

Love & Exit Mould,


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  • 7 thoughts on “Thou Ought Be Wary The BC Fairy

    1. Karirose

      So funny and clever! Made me smile even though bathroom cleaning is an unpleasant chore at best–especially since California doesn’t seem to have any BC Fairies! 😀

    2. Distressing Delilah

      Great post! I sometimes look like that too after turning into the cleaning fairy for a while!

    3. miz katie

      ugh! bathroom cleaning is the worse! today, it’s my turn. i’m dreading it, but i also hate a dirty bathroom.

      i like your drawing. :)

    4. michelle

      bathroom cleaning is actually my least hated of all o the house cleaning chores.
      Though I have been neglecting it lately. It think it will be on my agenda tomorrow.
      Your picture makes me want to start uses pencils again.

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