Therese & Trudy Eat Fries

Dear Audy,

Hooray it’s Spring!
Surely a good thing!

I am feeling much better on account of being able to move my mouth again….I have had to take some pretty whack me out medications so it’s been a blurry week. I have been trying to stay positive and amuse myself with small projects…and a ridiculous amount of Gilmore Girls…it’s worse than heroin.

I officially can’t do anything to complete my psychology unit this semester. Buuuuuummmmmmeeeeeerrrr. Ha, I said bummer. That’s so grouse. Oh, look at me go….I’m a great big dorkus! Viva la 90’s slang!!

I went on a big adventure on Friday, Audy. When I saw the doctor last week, I forgot to get my usual prescription because I was distracted by my jaw falling off my face….this is my life….thus I had to get my crippled little butt back into the city and get it…immediately because you see it would have been too easy if I’d remembered more than 12 hours before I would run out. I took a taxi in and sat uncomfortably with the grumpy taxi driver…I hate it when you get a grumpy one! (Side note…me….highly medicated this day….very spacey….and much less sore than normal)

Prescription in hand, I somehow spent the next little while wandering around the children’s section in the nearby bookstore. I came out with a book about a manor with a secret door (can’t fail) and one where Alice gets out of Wonderland and has to get back and it comes with a warning regarding the battles involved…

There is one chemist in Melbourne where I can get my meds a gazillion dollars cheaper than everywhere else so, being put off by Mr ‘I grump as I drive’, I thought I’d try my luck on the tram. Yep, one of those rattly things with hard seats, I thought, at the time, that I should ‘test’ whether or not I can take the tram again yet (verdict: well off course I can get on the damn thing but it still hurts my fragile hip that likes things cushioned…I’m not sure when the delusion set in, must be all that suppressed independence).

It was ok at first…but then an old lady spotted my crutches. I’m sorry if you’re old and you like to talk to people about their injuries but you should know this….that is REALLY annoying. I’m trying to enjoy being out, I don’t want to talk about my pain. I know, Audy, I seem unnecessarily passionate about this…but that is how often it used to happen when I was still hobbling to work last year. I mumbled a few closed answers…nodded…tried to avoid eye contact. It makes me feel like an unfriendly cow…but where is it written that you should always want to talk to other people? Especially strangers who really have no business asking you about your personal problems anyway….yeah, I’m not feeling such rude guilt anymore when I look at it like that…

By the time I got off the tram the spacey head thing was in full mode and I was getting wobbly. I needed food. I had planned to sit in a nice little coffee shop and enjoy a soy mocha and read my children’s books…but crutching was hard and I needed to sit down so I ended up in Hungry Jack’s with a squishy little burger and some fries. I sat their for a while dazedly watching anyone who happened to be in my eyesight…oh, you people are freaks and you know it. Two teenage girls sat down next to me and this I considered fortunate…whereas usually I would consider anything involving teenagers annoying. They were in their school uniforms and it was Friday and they were all happy and freckly and I was overwhelmed by a sense of nostalgia for those 13 year old days when things were simple, you had a bright future and the world of humour suddenly expanded to include almost everything in your surroundings whenever you were with friends and you just knew you were going to be friends forever and ever.

Soooooo…the next day I found myself doodling a little pic inspired by those girls and I remembered a poem I started writing once, many many moons ago when I was taking a minute to appreciate how good those good sort of friends really are. I always felt like that poem wasn’t quite flowing or ending right and I suddenly realised why that was….it’s not just about those happy moments when they’re happening, it’s about how when you get back together with those friends, even decades later, you don’t change in how you relate to each other….it’s straight back to contagious cackles and silliness….

Audy, I’d like you to meet Therese & Trudy….getting together to enjoy a moment out of their busy, adult lives.


Now go call your oldest, dearest friend and have a giggle about something that happened back in the days…….

Love & Nostalgia,


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  • 5 thoughts on “Therese & Trudy Eat Fries

    1. Rob

      Hey Caf, Love the drawing! The style is really great.

      PS. Nearly done with Sliders, need to have discussions… maybe on a not TOO spacey day 😉 School hols soon (hooray!)

    2. faces of borneo

      still, i like u stroke ;P nice combination of colors. enjoyed reading too.
      facs of borneo

    3. miz katie

      Hi Caf! Thanks for visiting my blog. I’ve added you to my google reader, so I can keep up with your entries.

      I’m a little jealous of your Spring. It just turned Fall here, like within the last few hours. brr!! I am not fond of cold..not at all.

    4. Shauna


      I finally made it here!! Thanks for the nice comment on BlogCatalog!! I don’t know how to add friends there yet, but I want to add you…I am overwhelmed by the amount of networking sites…and have a lot of work to do on my Blog for some Medical Sites to OK me.

      I admire your attitude about pain. And know what? I can relate!!

      Gentle Hugs!!

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