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Dear Audy,

Yesterday I did something that I have been planning on doing for a very long time, I commenced Operation Book Sort. I find some peculiar sort of satisfaction in tidying my books and the older they are, the better. Yellow pages? Excellent. Falling out of the spine? Oh, my heart aches for you. Once a precious gift for a stranger? How much mystery and history you hold!!

20100804 Bookshelf

When I was a kid, I would read my books over and over and over again. Once was never enough. As an adult, I find that once is enough for most books, although I wonder what I am missing out on by not taking a second or third journey through the worlds in the words. Nothing that I have ever read as an adult has affected me the same way that those child read wonders did. Thankfully, most of these wonders act as little portals to the place where their time collided with mine and we shared adventures, grievances and dreams.

I recently mentioned a particular favourite of my childhood books, The Racketty-Packetty House. Thanks to one of my lovely readers, I now know that the author was the ever so captivating Frances Hodgson Burnett (of The Secret Garden and The Little Princess fame) and that the story itself was recently celebrating its 100th birthday! Birthdays are wonderful, this birthday called for a re-release of the book and now this happy little reader has a new copy coming. I cannot wait to visit the Racketty-Packetty (doll) House again, I have missed its run down family of misfits so!

I have dreamt of doing and being a lot of things in my life, but the earliest plan that I can remember was to become an author. I still enjoy writing, however I have always struggled with the discipline it takes to finish something that I have started. I have oh so many story plans that never make it past the first few chapters. In recent years, my efforts have been repeatedly thwarted by the chronic pain in my hands. I have decided that I shouldn’t let this stop me anymore. I have been working incredibly hard at pacing my day and managing my pain effectively and I feel that I am at the point where I can take on a few creative challenges, as long as I prepare myself to be flexible and not allow distractions or flares to completely halt my progress. I kind of feel that if I don’t then I shall end up a bitter old screwball.

Operation Book Sort has brought to my attention many literary gems that I had not seen or thought about for many years. I am considering a taking a reading trail down memory lane and to try and re-experience some of their magic so that I might feel inspired to weave my own stories. Just thinking about it is sparking off inspiration, so perhaps I shall just need to stare at the shelf for a while…

What were your childhood favourites? I think, above all else, I was most taken by The Chronicles Of Narnia. I am still looking for hidden worlds behind secret doors…

Love & Litspiration,

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  • 8 thoughts on “The Worlds In The Words

    1. Megan Lucas


      My favourites were the Magic Faraway Tree and The Wishing Chair (I think that’s right!) I haven’t seen my copies in years, must be at mum’s somewhere and I should search them out.
      I think you would be a brilliant author. I love reading your blogs, your way with words is fantastic. Your experiences you have been through so far would be a story in itself, and a fictional story of yours would be something I would definitely read.
      Good luck with your book sorting and writing!


      1. admin Post author

        Thanks so much Megan!! I missed the boat on The Magic Faraway Tree books, I tried reading them but I was too old…or perhaps not old enough, I wonder if I would enjoy them more now than when I thought I was a big kid? Lol! I really need to get more disciplined with my writing, thanks so much for the encouragement!! :) x

    2. Stef

      Chronicles of Narnia!!! Absolutely would be my top pick!
      Other favourites:
      The Famous Five.
      lots of Roald Dahl.
      then lots of John Marsden.

      1. admin Post author

        Oh Roald Dahl!! LOVED him too, Matilda is still one of my favourite books :) I never read The Famous Five…I think I might have to, I now think that’s something I would enjoy, I don’t seem to have grown out of loving kids and YA books! I think I read everything John Marsden wrote also, I am little bit stupidly excited for the Tomorrow When The War Began movie, I wasn’t at first but then I saw the preview and it looks like they might have actually done it well! xx

    3. Carly Findlay

      I loved
      John Marsden
      Roald Dahl
      The Secret Garden
      The Railway Children
      Little House on the Prairie
      Enid Blyton – esp Noddy, The Magic Faraway Tree and The Wishing Chair
      The Baby Sitters Club
      Margaret Clarke
      Gretel Killeen
      The Muddle Headed Wombat
      Paul Jennings
      Morris Glietzman
      The Rainbow Fish.

      I have been re-reading the Baby Sitters Club, Noddy and John Marsden lately!

      Can’t wait til Tomorrow When the War Began on the big screen.

      Mum would buy me heaps of books when I was in hospital and I loved that part of the stays – I immersed myself in a book world. I recall getting Paul Jennings and Roald Dahl one hospital say, and another time, Morris Glietzman came to visit the Starlight Room and I bought his book and met him.

      1. admin Post author

        I had no idea that Little House On The Prairie was a book series! Sounds right up my alley… Also loved Paul Jennings and Morris Glietzman, that autographed meeting would have rocked my socks off, lol!!

    4. Della

      I keep meaning to come up with a list for this post. Maybe it’s better if I don’t, since it would likely be rather long. We’re readers in my family. As kids, my Mom read to us, we read to each other, and read lots on our own as soon as we could.
      Kate Seredy (anything by her) Specifically “The Open Gate”
      Where the Red Fern Grows
      Liza Lou and the Yellow Belly Swamp
      Where the Wild Things Are
      The Little House books, which we called the Laura Ingalls Wilder books
      The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings
      Sooooo many more that I can’t remember right now… I used to read a book every day or two. Now I’m addicted to audio books, since I can listen while I knit, or do something else productive. Audio books also give me the chance to listen to books I can never quite wade through in print. They take on a whole new life when someone else reads.

      1. admin Post author

        Thanks Della!! I shall be looking these up, I am feeling like starting a little journey back through my childhood faves and exploring some new ones! I haven’t even read Racketty-Packetty House yet, I just keep staring at it, picking it up and picking through the pages and screaming with joy when I read a character’s name that I had forgotten. It’s like holding off on a tasty treat, don’t think I’ll be able to hold out much longer! ;P xx

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