The Unintentional Soundtrack Of My Life

Dear Audy,

Oh, with the soreness this morning! I woke up moaning and I’m having quite some trouble getting going. I have big sewing plans today (“Places to be!” -Tara, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Season 5), and so I’m trying to warm up my brain and then I’ll get to the warming up my body part shortly. I included that quote up there on account of it is stuck in my head. This is because any time that I have things to do or places to be and I am not doing them or going there, I get this quote stuck in my head. Buffy fans might remember brainsucked Tara and her repeated insistence that she had places to be, I certainly do. You see, this song and quote association has been going on for some time and only seems to grow in numbers of triggers. This post is dedicated to the unintentional soundtrack of my life.

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Things that I cannot do in mental silence:

Mop the floor. Why? Because once upon a time, Adam Sandler used to release comedy albums and once upon a time, I thought these were hysterical. Every time I grab a mop, I can’t help but sing the little ditty from The Severe Beating Of A High School Janitor. This association has probably been going on the longest and that’s probably because it’s still fun to sing.

Mop, mop, mop
All day long
Mop, mop, mop
While I sing this song
Gonna wash that floor
Gonna make it shine
Gonna clean off the spray paint with turpentine

Wipe sleep out of my eyes. I tweeted this the other day, but regardless, it’s probably pretty obvious what happens when I do this. Especially if I happen to do it after I wake and I rise. Damn, you, Daydream Believer, you always hang around for hours.

Have a hot flush/fever. With my CRPS and medication, this is probably a lot more common in me than the average person. Most nights, average. Nowadays, I simply cannot change temperature quickly without an invasion of the worst kind…Katy Perry. Because of course, I’m hot, then I’m cold, you see, just like in the stupid song. Quite often, in bed, I’m also yes then I’m no about whether I should be under the doona. I’m in, then I’m out of bed, trying to get comfortable, which could also be considered being up and then down. I feel rather wrong about being uncomfortable in bed, when it’s right to feel snuggled. There is also the part where I can’t think properly and anxiety starts to turn my worries into black and then white extremes, instead of their rightful grey. Goddammit, Katy Perry. Please just shut up and look pretty.

Do the laundry. No, Lisa Mitchell (Coin Laundry), I don’t have a freaking dollar! I don’t need a dollar to operate my machine!! Although I would probably quite like a house on a hill and a memory from when you were seventeen, I don’t need to think about that every time I wash clothes. Every time. Even now, just thinking about it. “Do you have a dollar? Do you have a dollar for ME?” I almost want to go and do my laundry at a laundromat so the whole thing makes more sense.

Wake up badly. Badly as in sore, or sorer than usual, more exactly. Nup, this isn’t Daydream Believer’s fault, it’s Brenda Walsh’s. Oh, I suppose some of the blame lays with Kelly Taylor, Donna Martin and was it Emily Valentine singing the lead? You don’t know? Well, that’s because you haven’t watched enough Beverly Hills 90210 and should probably fix that. Then, you too, can enjoy ‘Waking Up Is Hard To Do’ to the tune of ‘Breaking Up Is Hard To Do’ and an image of Shannon Doherty and pals dressed like AWOL Robert Palmer chicks.

Make a repeated mistake. Because, OOPS! I did it again! Just like Britney and that bloke she was toying with…I know you did this on purpose, Britney’s marketers, so enjoy having a snigger at the effectiveness of your little ploy.

Kill Bugs. Sometimes, even ants, sometimes a large quantity of ants creates a loophole, but mostly… “I killed ‘em, Gilbert! I killed ‘em!!” -Arnie Grape, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993).

Look for information without hearing Information Man. Thanks, Robert. Lesson to be learned from this vague reference? Don’t give high school kids coffee.

Now that I’ve written this post, I am sure I am going to start noticing more of these popping up. I wouldn’t even be surprised if my brain created new ones just to mess with me a little, I can’t help it, there is a stirrer in me who loves to stir even me. ‘Stir’ in the create a bubbling pot of annoyance or emotions kind of way. Not hurtfully, just amusingly so. Writing this has effectively put a halt to the ‘Waking Up Is Hard To Do’ brain worm that inspired it, but it has put a little bit of each of the things I’ve talked about in my head and now I’m suffering from ‘Caf’s Unintentional Soundtrack Medley’. Oh, help, is there anything worse than a megamix?

Do songs and quotes haunt your day to day life? Please share, that way, I will feel less silly!

Love & Gummi Brain Worms

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  • 10 thoughts on “The Unintentional Soundtrack Of My Life

    1. Stef

      I don’t have this, but what I do have is this strange thing where whatever song or music I hear first that day, gets into my head on repeat later in the afternoon or evening.
      So it becomes REALLY important that I don’t hear something awful. eg. Can’t have the alarm set to a bad radio station, for fear I will wake up to a really irritating song, and have it repeated over and over later on.

      1. Caf Post author

        I used to suffer from that one too! It’s just occurred to me that I don’t often get the first song in my head anymore, I tend to wake up with a song I’ve heard in the last week or so…Perhaps it has something to do with routine? When I was in a school or working routine, it happened a lot more, I was just thinking that maybe it’s one of those things our brain sort of does out of habit, before we’re really awake or thinking, like how people usually have a routine they follow when getting out of bed…interesting! Annoying though, it’s hard to trust radio stations these days, especially with Triple J falling in love with Aussie hip hop and all… ;P (P.S I am sure I have emails to reply to, sorry! I’ve been scared of my inbox for a while, I’ll have to take it on before it hits 300 [GULP!]) xx

    2. Kimberley

      ohmyGOSH you have inspired me. I always think in lyrical quotes really! (Well, any pop culture reference) but this is such a fabulous post. It made me smile :) (lol ‘no, I don’t have a freaking dollar!) 😛

      1. Caf Post author

        Yay for smiles!! I always find that when I’m watching a series in marathons, I find myself thinking in the style and quoting the characters…kinda hilarious really! 😀

    3. Jen

      HaHaha OMG this is so true! Why hadn’t I read this earlier! Well done poppet! In my list, just add the band wheezer… Haha stupid throat.

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