The Little Accident That Wore My Name

Dear Audy,

It was mostly a pleasant Sunday. Out to lunch for Grandma’s birthday and a lovely walk with the dogs and my prince. All was going well until I went to silence the beeping of a washing machine full of clean towels and stumbled upon one of those accidents with my name on it.

Lucy is just a little beagle, thanks to the cavalier in her.

The only thing in the world that Lucy likes more than attention is food. Sam gets fed in the laundry because if they are fed in the same place she gulps hers down and then finishes off his. She can be quite the bossy britches at times. An adorable bossy britches.

When she gets the chance, she still insists on running into the laundry and cleaning Sam’s empty bowl. She must have decided to do this when I put those towels on to wash. Little dogs can be like silent ninjas.

Everything beeps these days. It used to be just the microwave that yelled at me but nowadays most of the appliances have picked up this habit. Ok, it’s handy, but that’s beside the point.

I wanted to silence the washing machine quickly. Too quickly. As I attempted to rush through the door, it crashed into the little beagle on the other side and I crashed into it. My first worry was for Lucy, but apart from sliding across the floor and getting a surprise, she was fine.

The pain was instantaneous, but had some shock to cushion its arrival. Over the next day it began to show its anger at being summoned by increasing almost hourly. It’s a very strange feeling, my body is extremely sore from my right cheek to my right toes and feels completely lopsided.

The only Feldenkrais that I have been able to handle is a little bit of breathing. Laying on the floor is too uncomfortable and it’s hard to move when half of my body feels strained and inflamed.

I had an doctor’s appointment yesterday and that trip into town set the pain and symptoms off with more force than the day before. I only had to walk one city block, however that was enough to have me hobbling in agony.

Naturally, the limping cause stabbing pains through my left foot and ankle. I just don’t have any body parts that are functional enough to pick up the slack of their injured colleagues. One dud part usually means that the whole system starts to fail.

I made it through my appointment and the very slow journey back to the car. Being on Collins street at lunch time was kind of terrifying. I was very wobbly but trying to walk as straight as possible and not shoulder bump with anyone. Thankfully, I succeeded as I fear a bump would probably have sent me sprawling and not helped the situation in the slightest.

Once home, I popped some painkillers and spent the rest of the day on the bed. It’s not particularly comfortable to lay down, but marginally more so than sitting on the couch. I enjoyed the sun that was streaming through the window (for a change) and napped.

Despite being very upset when I first woke up in exacerbated pain on Monday morning, my mood has actually been fairly balanced. I really just have to laugh. Here I am, finally feeling better after ditching a medication, finally enjoying a sewing regime and I go and hurt myself. It’s so typical of me that I really can’t let accidents upset me too much anymore – I’d have to be upset all the time.

I am still very excited to be going out to see Lissie tomorrow night! This setback will not stop me, it just means that I’ll have to enjoy myself wheelchair style. It’s pretty much impossible not to get bumped at a gig without one of those and I really don’t want a repeat of what happened when I tried to walk yesterday. I need my right side to settle down so that I can work with it and get things realigned.

I hope that I can get stuck into a good book today. I feel like reading, but finding a comfortable position in which to do so has proven difficult. Even moving my eyes from side to side triggers the pain, so I have to take it extremely easy. I might have to settle for the distraction of television today. Perhaps a bath if I feel capable of getting in and out of it later.

But tomorrow….I rock!

Love & Accidents,

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  • 6 thoughts on “The Little Accident That Wore My Name

    1. Carl Thompson

      You keep getting better, but it’s a rocky ride. You’ll fall back down again, then build your way back up. What matters is the direction, and in the long term it’s positive.

    2. Ross

      So sorry to here that you hurt yourself. As one CRPS sufferer to another I know what that is like. I hope that things will calm down soon and that you will find some level of comfort. I’ve been dealing with a really bad flare myself. I went to Elton John the other night, and being as sensitive to sound as I am it set off my pain really bad. I knew going into it that it might happen but I don’t want to stop living my life! Music is such a big part of it and if I have to pay for it I guess I will!

      1. Hayley Cafarella Post author

        Elton John sounds exciting! I was tempted to buy tickets to his tour, but think I might be too poor to afford that right now. I’m so glad that you went and had a great time! It sucks that we have to pay so much for enjoying live music, but I’m definitely not about to give it up! I hope that your recovery has been quick :)

      1. Hayley Cafarella Post author

        Thanks, Franci! I’m going very slowly but starting to feel better. A one on one Feldenkrais session yesterday helped me straighten back out. Feeling pretty fatigued and sore today, but more generalised and less stabby than before. This too shall pass! I hope that you are feeling well xx

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