Texas Pete! I Knew It Was You…

Dear Audy,

It turns out there is some sort of rheumatoid thing roaming around my blood. Just roaming around…inflaming whatever it likes…snickering at my pain…I don’t know much more than that because I need to see a rheumatologist – at least there is an ologist for everything!

I’m naming the rheumatoid factor after the evil villain that was constantly thwarted by Superted, Texas Pete. I plan to make like that streak of red and do some thwarting of my own!

It is nice to know that there is a reason why weird things keep happening to my body and that I’m treatable…now I just need to wait to find out what the treatment is! I wish I could explain the concept of waiting to my hip…it is being a right turd. Yes, turd. It’s like it’s angry at being found out…well, hip…busted! I am so gonna fix you!!

I try to hold back on the head foggifying medication as much as I can…sometimes I win and sometimes the pain wins and then I get grumpy and groggy…but hey, I think I’m playing my cards okay, all things considered.

I drew this quite a while ago with smudgy oil pastels…


sometimes she don’t wanna face facts
sometimes she just wants to relax….

It’s a groggy day but I’m not giving in to the grumpies…I have a pretty vase of yellow and blue irises keeping me company thanks to my charming prince and an amusing book set in Wonderland called The Looking Glass Wars and I’m pretty sure there’s a nice hot bath in my near future…


I think there’s something magical about blooming…

Love & “Patience”


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    1. Distressing Delilah

      Hi there! That book sounds interesting..let us know how you like it…and enjoy that bath that is coming up!

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