Taking on Autumn like a Viking

Dear Audy,

I’m back! I’ve missed you guys. Sometimes blogs get sick, just like people do, but it’s OK, Rellacafa is feeling much better now.

As for me, I’m feeling pretty run-down and determined. They aren’t the most obvious of emotional state friends, yet, here I am. My feelings are like that polar bear and wolf that play together, the ones I spent a lot of time awwwwww-ing at earlier today.

Autumn tends to take a massive toll on my sensitised nervous system, however I refuse to let it plummet me into the depressive depths of this time last year. I’m going to stand up here on the surface and take my beating like a warrior. A sexy, viking warrior. Like Ragnar Lothbrok. I’m going to take this battering just like Ragnar would. Mmmmm, Ragnar.


OK, I’m back. Sorry about that. I watched the season 2 finale of Vikings last night and now my head is simply full of it. I’m going to miss those brutal spunks.


Ragnar Lothbrok

OK. Now you get it.

A couple of days ago, I went on adventure that involved me driving to the city, which is approximately one album away from where I live. Regina Spektor’s “What We Saw From the Cheap Seats” for the drive in and Lissie’s “Back to Forever” for the drive home, if you must know. And yes, I did sing along the entire time because as far as I’m concerned, that is a very important part of being a good driver.

My adventure took me to a writing workshop about sharing invisible lives and telling personal stories. Stories like yours, stories like mine. Most stories are interesting if you tell them in the right way and I’m a firm believer that we can always learn to do things better. Except maths. Once you do the maths right, that’s about as far as maths can go. Your thing equals the right thing and then you win. Maths is pretty boring like that. Which is why I like stories much better.

As an added bonus, I had the pleasure of meeting Michelle from Living With Bob (Dysautonomia). It’s wonderful to meet internet friends in real life! Us bloggers with chronic pain and illnesses rarely get the chance to do so on account of that involves at least two of us being well enough to leave the house and socialise on the same day, a phenomenon with a similar occurrence rate to solar eclipses. I guess. Let’s not pretend that I know anything about solar eclipses, I just assume they’re really rare because the sun doesn’t disappear from the sky that often. Except at night, but we’re eclipses, not sunsets. We’re special.

Michelle Roger and Hayley Cafarella

It was lovely to go and talk about writing with other writers, it made me feel more like one of them. In spite of having to work around constant pain and setbacks, I feel very strongly that it’s important for my sanity that I keep writing. Social events like workshops can be great for getting re-inspired or finding a new perspective on things. As someone who is often secluded from the world, I have some inside knowledge about how important it is to get out and experience different things whenever possible. I will share it with you now: VERY VERY IMPORTANT.

I also think that learning in general is very important. For this reason, I have started one of those free, online university courses. You know, the ones that pop up in your social media feeds and guilt you into feeling like you don’t try hard enough at life. I thought I’d try one of those. I want to put new stuff in my brain and I don’t have the funds or functionality to attend actual classes of any sort right now. I’m learning about neurobiology, because aside from being relevant to my every day life, it’s just plain interesting to me. I’ll let you know how I go…

And that’s it from me, for now. I shall now get back to the business at hand, or, to be punny and specific, in my hands. That business involves trying to figure out what temperature it is and how much swelling and pain determining such things requires. CRPS is the mystery that just keeps on giving. It’s a mystery that’s bigger than today. Which makes this whole paragraph a fancy way of saying that I’m going to stop writing and watch TV.

Love & I Have Returned Hugs,

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  • 2 thoughts on “Taking on Autumn like a Viking

    1. Sarah

      Love Vikings! Personaly I think Travis Fimmel is better looking as Ragnar than he was as a Calvin Kline model and “the sexiest man alive” etc. And he is an Aussie! :) We are only half way through season 2 here. I do wonder how they coped with CRPS back then????

      1. Hayley Cafarella Post author

        Agreed! I like em rugged 😀

        I can only imagine that people with CRPS in ancient communities just sank or swam as much as they could and probably relied on the kindness of family. You know, if they were lucky enough to grow up and survived things like that heart wrenching episode about Ragnar’s youngest…

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