Sorry, Frustration, But I Can’t Accept That Proposal

Dear Audy,

Very sore hands. Very, very sore hands. Trying not to stay in the trance of thinking about my very sore hands…so I recorded a talkie about the good things that have been happening lately.

Whenever I feel depressed, I also feel a little bit guilty. There is a difference between sadness and depression. When nothing can be done to stop whatever is upsetting me, I am the only thing that can make me feel better. How? By choosing to. It’s just a choice, that’s all. The more that I am aware of the choice, the easier it is to let go of the feeling of desolation. It’s not always easy to see the choice, but it is always there.

Getting to this realisation by lunchtime on a flare day makes me feel a little chuffed. I am making progress, flares are just flares and eventually I will have a nice, new, pretty dress.

Love & Lollipops,

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  • 7 thoughts on “Sorry, Frustration, But I Can’t Accept That Proposal

    1. Kimberley

      I think in any situation – this is SO valid. SO true. The line between sadness, melancholy and depression.. is choice. And being able to step outside of the situation to look at what may be fuzzy but more positive than the negatives we are currently dwelling on. This might be a post I should come back to now and then to remember the blessings.

      1. admin Post author

        Thank you SO much! It is so excellent to hear positive feedback when I am spouting about the way that I deal with things, helps to remind me why I share this stuff :) One day I hope to get to the point where I don’t have to keep reminding myself of this, but I expect I’ll fall down a few more times first…but Miley told me that it’s all about The Climb and how could I not believe Miley?! ;P xx

    2. Jeanne


      First, let me just say how adorable you are! I always love watching your videos. You do really well with that medium. It’s always fun for me to hear your accent too. (Yes, I know that to you I am the one with an accent. I think you know what I mean though). 😉

      On to a more serious note (without dwelling too long on something negative)… I noticed immediately how inflamed your hands were as soon as you help them up. They look sore. I’m sorry.

      Switching gears again, it looks like you accomplished a great deal on the dress already.

      I think it’s absolutely true that we have a limit to how much we can control what happens but we can control how we react to it!

      I do feel compelled to add (bear with me) that for patients with clinical depression, simply “choosing” not to be depressed may not be possible. I say this because I have people in my family who have depression and without medical attention (be it medication, therapy, or both), they would not be able to simply “choose” to stop being depressed.

      Again, I agree with you that it is absolutely possible and healthy to make the choice, when at all possible, not to “steer the car” (or the body, as the case may be, down the sadness lane when there is a brighter choice available… if one is actively looking for it.

      I’ll start sending positive thought for getting that touch screen now… so the “wish fairies” have advance notice of your request.

      Take care,

      xoxo 😉

      1. admin Post author

        Thanks Jeanne! Ya, my hands are still going bonkers – it does make me feel better that that is at least visible sometimes! I am a bit frustrated as I want to finish the dress this week…but we’ll see how we go. Having a slow day today, all a bit out of whack! Thanks so much for adding your comment on the ‘choice’ factor, it made me think about my own coping a lot and about why I believe what I believe and that sort of thing…actually, a whole post of that sort of thing, lol!

        Seriously, Thank you! For the support, the alternate view and most of all, the WISH FAIRIES!!!! xx

    3. Jeanne


      Here are some more “wish fairies” for you. :) Hang in there. The dress will get done… even if it’s not done as quickly as you’d like!


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