Shopping Makes Appointment Days Better

Dear Audy,

It’s always nice when one gets a chance to turn a trip to the doctor into a much more exciting event, whether that be through combination with a friendly catch up or by mixing in a little shopping.

Enduring a chronic illness involves enduring a lot of doctor appointments, even when there’s not a particular lot that the doctor can do. I see my GP monthly for updated medical forms and prescriptions, as well as a nice little check in session.

Today’s appointment was lovely on account of that I didn’t have anything new and horrible to report! With the amount of pain worsening steps I have taken over the past few years, that is an accomplishment all on its own. I was finally able to tell my GP that I am happy with my new pain specialist and that things are moving along nicely, a fabulous advancement from the days when I was constantly crabby and confused.

I was happy to report my reduction of Lyrica; I am quite certain that I don’t need to be on this medication. I’ll hang on to it as it still might be helpful during intense, burning flares, but it’s nice to be almost free of such an expensive form of minimal-to-no pain relief! You were helpful, Lyrica, but it was never going to be a forever thing between us…

After visiting the doc, I had a couple of hours to wander the city while I waited for my chauffeur to return. I took advantage of my waiting time to buy a new pair of sunglasses. This has been on my to do list for a year or so, it was thrilling to finally (mentally) cross it off. Not to mention, it’s wonderful to be able to see the world glare-free through glass again! Plastic inbetweeny sunnies are never fun.

Thankfully, my legs have been on my side today and strolling around the shops doesn’t seem to have caused much damage! I tried to be smart about my wandering, I chose my store destination beforehand and didn’t get distracted by looking at pretty things on the way there. I left a lot of time to get back to my pick up point so that I didn’t have to worry about walking quickly or stressing.

I tried to keep in touch with my body whilst I was walking around. I tried to ensure that I was balancing efficiently and moving with all of me, rather than just a limb here or there. Keeping an eye on relaxed breathing also helped to make the adventure more enjoyable.

Being able to shop alone is not something that I take for granted after spending years unable to get myself anywhere. It’s ever so nice to just go and look and buy what I need without having to consider that I’m taking up someone else’s time!

Now that I’m home, into maintenance mode I go. I’m taking a little computer break, but shall not be drawn into its time dissolving vortex for long. Instead, I’m planning a good, hour long Feldenkrais session and some meditation. Possibly in the reverse order. Probably one of my favourite Feldenkrais exercises involving a delicious back massage from a towel on the floor. Towels can be surprisingly effective masseurs!

My spine is still spinning a bit from my hip hiccup, however I’m getting things back on track! The good track. The track that doesn’t just lead back around the where I came from. Here’s to more hopeful days ahead!

Love & Eyewear,

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    1. Kathryn

      I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again – you are an amazing author and I’m so happy you share your life w/CRPS with us. Enjoy those new shades. I got a pair of dark ‘wear overs’ and they sure block out the painful light that my Lyme-graines present! Lol Hugs to you today & always Hayley!

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