Seeking Distraction In South East Melbourne

Dear Audy,

I’m terribly sorry to have not written for so long, I’ve been settling into a new location, struggling against connection issues and a suffering a lingering pain in the belly. The wind must be blowing the right way today as I’ve managed to stay online all morning…my right hand is being a little brat lately so I’m having to get used to typing and mousing with the lefty.

The wait for an answer continues…tests beget tests beget tests….my battle for distraction drives on!

I’m enjoying a break from my little shoe box, dogsitting for a dear little Australian bulldog named Vito. He is possibly the most hilarious dog I’ve ever known and has the least understanding of the fact that he is a dog at all. This is where he was when I got up the other day…having a little outdoor party for one…


He is also a fan of sitting up in recliners and purrs like a cat when he gets pats…like I said, Audy, very strange little guy…

It’s been nice having some peace and quiet, I’ve had a chance to play with my new paintbrushes, with a new medium. Acrylic paints are still outwitting me. This is my effort at a background…I dripped some water down the front that I’ll have to paint over. The texture is sticky and strange, I’m a gonna need some work to get the hang of this…any advice, Audy?


I kept myself entertained doing a little writing for a friend during the week. She is directing a play for a little drama class in a dance school. Apparently, Friends is really hip with these kids…go rerun power! My friend wanted to give them a script they could get excited about, so I wrote them a little Friends spoof entitled Buddies ep 1: The One With The Talent Show. Chandler and Ross had to become girls (Charlie & Rose) and it had to include ‘Dance in Film’ somehow so the plot revolves around a little production to find out whether Phoebe (Pippi) or Monica (Monique) has more talent. Ahhhhh, it was fun, I had to channel that inner high school Caf that had to write this sort of thing for Drama classes…

I’ve also been doing a little sketching, I’ll introduce you to a little friend of Lalaini’s soon.

Love & Distractions,


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    1. michelle

      My advice for Acrylics is that they suck on paper. Get yourself some canvas board, canvas paper or even canvas! Also make sure you use a decent amount of water when painting with them, load you brush with water. Also acrylics work better if you … ehhh, maybe I just need to come around and we can have a “painting with acrylics class” ??

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