Searching Bloody Hard For The Silver Lining

Dear Audy,



Things have been difficult lately. I contracted Hell’s Chill, a virus that’s been terrorising Australia. It then decided to go chest infection leaving me a spluttering flushing mess! After a week I got some antibiotics and now I’m just waiting for them to clear me up…sigh

I have been flaring really badly in my hands all weekend and as I have not had company it’s been really difficult. I can’t do the dishes, or cook, or clean the bathroom, or fold the laundry…even typing hurts, I just push through as it’s that or lose communication altogether…and I’d miss you, Audy. Being alone these few days has really highlighted to me how much worse things have become since getting out of hospital. I am in awe that it has been a month and yet I have not managed to convey my story to you, thus is the curse of RSD/CRPS. Hopefully, if I feel better tomorrow I’ll get to recording…but you should probably know that I have this ‘hopeful’ plan most evenings…sigh….trying not to get all negative as it DOES NOT help my cause for me to be all grumpified. Started talks to hopefully get me out of this apartment that I have grown to loathe…it’s not its fault, its just not designed for the stuck at home crippled lifestyle! I doubt it will happen quickly but am strengthened by the possibility of moving in the future.

In other, more excitingly positive news….my cactus, Trevor, has had a baby. Trevor is a bit of a camp, flamboyant, yet closet homosexual. See, he’s got all these spikes so he’s like, “I’m tough! I’m tough! Don’t mess with me!!”, but then he also insists on constantly growing flowers…prettily dainty little flowers….not so tough. Trevor has outdone himself by growing a dear little baby, yet to show its personality and earn its name…but look at the little fella, he’s the size of the end of my thumb and yet he’s growing his own little flowers! What a cutie…kinda looks like he’s cheering.



Ya, maybe I do treat my cacti like pets…but I don’t have any pets and I’m alone a lot…this is what happens…inanimate and plant objects become my companions! Hopefully if I get to move I will be able to get a little puppy and stop treating my stuffed animals like they’re alive…


My hands HURT.


Love & Hanging In There,


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  • 2 thoughts on “Searching Bloody Hard For The Silver Lining

    1. Outoftheboxalex

      sigh, life…i don’t know what to say, the challenges you have to face just don’t seem fair. It really upsets me. Anways keep staying grumpified’s not easy and admire your strength…

    2. Lisa Moon

      Crap, this totally sucks. Hope you’re feeling better by the time I catch up with your most recent posts! We’ve had some unusually nasty bugs around this part o’ the world, too. My bestest friend, who never misses work, missed and week and a half when his ‘minor head cold’ turned into viral bronchitis… THEN it morphed into an ear infection to boot! Crap indeed!

      Hey, I SO know what it’s like to feel stuck where you live; just in December I moved into a one-level flat instead of my two-level townhome – the stairs were a daily torture (only loo was UPSTAIRS with the bedrooms, kitchen, front door, living room downstairs, naturally… never on the right floor!) and it was SO thrilling to not have to painfully haul myself up and down them multiple times per day just to answer nature’s (all too frequent) calls!

      I’m glad you have flamboyant cacti; how fun! That last photo seems a little… phallic. There, I said it! Sorry, I am a bit of a perv. How cute that they’re having babies and colourful ones at that!

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