Say Hello To Your Friends: Baby-Sitters Club Nostalgia

Dear Audy,

Another weekend over…thankfully, this one I actually spent some time enjoying myself! Hurrahs!!

My friend Jen came over on Saturday. I love visitors! Going out can be so much effort and carries such physical cost. Hanging out on the couch and catching up in a comfy manner is far more my style. I always love hanging out with Jen on account of she gets it. It can be hard walking the line as to how much illness talk is too much illness talk with some friends (not that there aren’t many other interesting things to talk about!). With a painie friend, you can talk about illness related things without depressing them or having to explain things in detail. It’s reassuring to be able to relate to someone and not feel so alone in the pain battle. Not to mention that a bit of relaxed company can be an excellent mood booster!

A while ago, Jen and I somehow got to chatting about The Baby-Sitters Club (a book series by Ann M. Martin). I think most girls from my generation read a few or perhaps a hundred of these books growing up. I know that I read so many of them that in some part of my mind I thought about Kristy and the gang as being as real as my real friends! The Baby-Sitters Club is all about the value of friendship in a time when parents would entrust their children into the care of 13-year-olds. No matter what your personality type, there’s a sitter to relate to and when standing on the precipice of puberty, nothing means more to a little girl than her friends. Good, wholesome fun!

20100719 TheBaby-SittersClubPoster

Jen and I both grew up reading the books and had loved this film as kids. We decided that it was imperative that we see it again. Sitting down to watch was a total giggle-fest. From the first few moments when a once familiar theme song starts playing to the heartwarming ending, this film is packed with funny. I was surprised to find myself actually giggling along with the script and the players. I had only expected it to be funny in a so bad it’s good way, but it completely sucked me in. There’s something so magical about that age, your whole life is ahead and full of possibility. It’s a mental place that I love to go back to.

I think the next thing to do is get my hands on the tv series that used to run on ABC. The actresses are all clearly older than 13 and the production values are tiny, but I still remember enjoying it a lot. I mean, it’s hard not to when every episode starts like this:

Catching up with Jen was awesome! As awesome as a little trip down a memory lane in Connecticut. Can’t wait to do it again soon.

Love, Friends & Memories,

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  • 6 thoughts on “Say Hello To Your Friends: Baby-Sitters Club Nostalgia

    1. mel

      They’re re-releasing the books! I was in Borders the other day and saw ‘Kristy’s Great Idea’ on the shelf!

      1. admin Post author

        That is EXCELLENT! A whole new generation can enjoy the joys of babysitting and friends….although the phones that only connect through actual cords might confuse kids these days ;P

    2. Megan

      Lovely to meet you tonight!

      And AWESOME POST. I was addicted to the BSC books! I had all of them!

      Man that theme song! Such a classic!

      1. admin Post author

        Teehee, there is no ‘had’ with my BSC collection…I still have them! I can’t let them go, in fact, I kind of want to collect the ones I don’t have…(total nerd here) ;D

    3. jen

      love you!
      But you forgot the glory of food and wine and puppies!
      i had such a good time sweetheart and i cant wait to do it again.

      1. admin Post author

        Late reply, but food and wine were glorious! We shall do it again soon, I have all day today to rest and then I should get my planning brain back xxoo

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