Riding The Winds Of Change

Dear Audy,

It’s time to be as strong as I can be. Change is rarely easy, but it can be made more so by learning from the things that make it difficult and then not repeating mistakes.

Moving house is a huge effort and I don’t even have to lift furniture (that’s a boy job). There are plenty of girl jobs that are involved though, especially moving into a new property as there are so many things that need to be connected and organised.

We are making good progress. Tonight is the last night before I will be sleeping in my new digs. I still have lots to do.


It’s getting to the point that I am sore and tired and ready to not be moving house anymore. My body is aching from all the extra effort it has been putting in, however it hasn’t completely broken down on me and I’m extremely happy with that.

The fatigue and pain have been trying to trigger mental and emotional stress. I am doing my best not to get caught up in their games. I am setting free the thoughts that are useless and trying to work with the helpful ones. There’s a lot to look forward to once the messy part of moving is over.

After my eating got so off track during my last move, I set myself a goal of getting through this one without giving in to a crappy diet. This should be a lot easier this time as I now have a couple of months practise in Paleo eating and no desire to return to a life of processed, food-like meals.

I have been coping better both physically and emotionally since cutting out the grains and sugar. I still have the occasional treat, however my idea of what is a treat has been slowly adapting as I am clearly able to see how eating processed foods, or drinking chemicals effects me. It makes me feel sick is what it does.

Keeping my body well enough to continue with regular exercise (just walking and living) has meant that I have started to strengthen my muscles and I can feel my body shifting back into a healthy gear. I have not felt this way since before CRPS.

I have even lost 5kg and I don’t feel deprived, rarely feel hungry at all. I don’t get desperate to eat like I did when my body was craving carbohydrates. It makes the whole diet part of living a lot easier to handle.

I will need to pace myself today so that I don’t reach burnout. I can be strong and get done what I need to get done and not fall into an emotional heap on the floor. This is a perfectly possible scenario for the near future.

I can’t wait to be settled in my new home, have my things unpacked, have my internet connected and get moving forward with my life. I have rehabilitating to do and then who knows what? Lots of exciting stuff, I think.

Love & Bleary Eyes,

P.S. Thank you for all of your lovely messages and comments, I will get some replies out just as soon as everything stops spinning!

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  • 6 thoughts on “Riding The Winds Of Change

    1. Della

      I hope the rest of your move goes as smoothly as possible and you’re able to entirely fend off those negative thoughts! !

      1. Hayley Cafarella Post author

        Thanks Della! They wore off quickly in the end, turns out they were being a bit PMS driven, so that explains that, LOL! It’s always funny to catch myself thinking PMS thoughts and then realise just how ridiculous they are 😛

    2. Lisa Tait

      Happy to read, look forward to the continuing journey…

      I’ve noticed the best results in CRPSers who eat very well and look into complementary medicine approaches.

      Wait; did I already write that? GAH! Probably did!

      Guess what’s making me do THAT? (Guessing certain drug, over the actual disoder).

      Best wishes your way. xox

      1. Hayley Cafarella Post author

        Hehe, thanks Lisa! I think the medications effect our cognitive function much more than the pain itself. We can learn to think and have pain but it’s much harder when there’s chemical interference going on. I am so glad to finally be in the new place, I’ve been coming here for years! Looking forward to unpacking some more and then being able to actually focus on other things again :) xx

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