Resting & Recovering & Ridiculously Rapt To Be Home

Dear Audy,

Here I am, home again, happy at the hominess of it. I missed my stuff. I know it’s just stuff…but it’s my stuff…and I like my stuff. It makes me sad that I don’t have enough shelves for my stuff, I miss the books that are still in boxes. They can’t see anything from there. I feel like I’m neglecting my books. What’s that? Your books are inanimate? That is so sad.

20090926 Self Portrait sml

Coming home from hospital is hugely exciting. It was a little too exciting actually. I’ve gone and overtalked my jaw into a bit of a flare…silly Caf…I had just missed conversing with my Mister so. It’s going to be fine, it just means I need to do a bit of resting, a bit of massaging and a bit of learning not to do that again.

Despite the huge flare up that was the last two weeks, I actually learned a lot about taking care of myself. I need to pull right back from the level of activity I was achieving before the jaw debacle and build things back up very slowly. Very slowly. I’m still in a lot of pain, but I’m going to be ok, this too shall pass…oh yes it shall.

This weekend is devoted to the doing of nothing. The glorious doing of absolutely naught. I’m just going to be kicking back and adjusting to being back in my digs. I’m forseeing many naps, it’s so nice to nap and not be interrupted by nurses. So nice that I think I feel one coming on. I’ve got me some puppy dog company for the next couple of weeks. Vito might slobber a bit, but he’s definitely good value. I rolled the rug up so he wouldn’t sit on it, so what did he do? He sat on the roll. That’s my boy.

I’m looking forward to setting myself up a bit of a routine, not just the million little physical excercises I need to get the pain down during the day, but also the reading and researching I’d like to do, the writing that’s writhing to be written and a bit of catching up on the adventures of my friends.

Be nice to people, you don’t always know what they’re dealing with…and watch out for doves on unicycles, I hear they haven’t quite mastered corners yet.

Love & Silent Silliness,

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  • 4 thoughts on “Resting & Recovering & Ridiculously Rapt To Be Home

    1. Jen

      Welcome home and hope you fall into that routine soon! I still havnt got one done, rang the pain clinic and was told it was going to be 3 months until I could see my docs as I havnt been back since Jan! I don’t know what to do with myself but in the mean time have fun at home. Spend time with friends and family!
      Much love and less pains xx from your painful friend Jen.

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