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Dear Audy,

Welcome to my brand new site! Sorry to make you update your subscriptions, but this format allows me much more freedom than the last…I have been working on this all week whilst I bide my time until my ketamine infusion. Pain in my hip has been extremely extreme and so I have not been able to do much at all…thank goodness for the internet! It is finally feeling a bit better today…Finally! Now I must be careful not to aggravate it…not that I usually know what on earth has aggravated it anyway…

I hope you like the new look, you can navigate the site through the tabs across the top or the ‘Pages’ section on the top right. I’ve added a bit more information about me, as well as a bunch of links to other RSD blogs and information websites. I’ll be adding things and updating the pages as I get new ideas…so stay tuned for improvements!

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy isn’t always an invisible condition. Sometimes it shows its big, ugly face for all the world to see. For many RSD sufferers, its face is a constant presence, not only swelling and colour changes, but dystonia that has their limbs contract into unnatural positions. It is very distressing to be able to see your body failing and not to be able to control it. Often, RSD sufferers are forced to watch as their body loses function after function until even getting out of bed is incredibly painful. Imagine suddenly waking up in the body of a 90-year-old in your 20s, as a teenager or even as a child. This is what many of us go through every day. Not the gym buff type of elderly person either, the type with a cane who rarely leaves the house other than for hospital visits…this is our reality.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I suffered a new flare in my left ankle recently. My ankles are now pretty equal with their pain levels, but at the time the left one decided to go uber painful and swell up. It looked like this:





Notice how it is swelling down through my ankle, yet my toes still want to curl backwards…ya, that does hurt…a lot. The other foot wasn’t above flaring a little, in support of it’s new partner, I guess. There is redness around the toes and edges of my feet, this is more significant on the left side. In real life, it looked much darker, but it was late and that’s flash photography for you…The toes on my left foot are also pretty swollen in this pic. The pain associated with this flare was dramatic stabbing pains, as well as burning, especially in the most swollen areas, and hypersensitivity, so much so that the air passing over my skin was causing me pain.

I hope you like the new Rellacafa! Please feel free to leave a comment, or drop me an email if you have any suggestions.

Love & New Beginnings,


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      1. admin Post author

        Thanks! And now I will find out what happens if I hit the ‘Reply’ button on comments….does this email to you or just appear on my blog?

    1. Susanna-Cole

      Aw the pictures make my feet hurt just looking at them. :( Really hope you feel better soon! <3

      By the way, new blog looks lovely, and nice to have a domain name! :)


    2. Jessica

      Hiya miss – found you through @squidinky’s Twitter list…

      Just a headsup that while the rest of the move seems to have gone swimmingly, the RSS feed is still pointing to your old account, so the latest story there is that you’ve moved! Might need to log in to FeedBurner to sort that one out, the address in the source code here goes to the right place, but then FB takes over and redirects it :)

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