Pretty Paintbrushes And the Princess Of Tiger Lilies

Dear Audy,

It was my birthday on Sunday and for some reason, all day, I wanted to sing the unbirthday song…even though that would have been the exact opposite of what day it actually was. Now I am singing it and I’m not lying one bit, not one tiny bit.

I had a lovely birthday, Mr Sunshine came out and beamed on me all day and my charming prince treated me like a princess. The breakfast fairy brought chocolate croissants of goodness to start the day and the coffee was the yummy kind. The prince and I went for a sunny drive out to ma & pa’s and I was fed birthday cake of the carrot variety…a great idea as anything too creamy doesn’t tend to get along with me. We planned a dinner at a golden movie, to keep my hip happy and reclining, however exhaustion soon swept in and the plans lost out to cuddles on the couch. Not to be kept down, the plans revived themselves last night and hip allowed them to morph into an actual dinner reservation. We found a gorgeous little restaurant in South Melbourne, O’Connell’s, and enjoyed an incredibly impressive dinner…worth every penny for the relaxed atmosphere, snappy service and delicious everything. I think the best part of the whole birthday was getting to go out like a normal person…it has been quite some time since hip has allowed excursions!
Now I get to revel in the other fun part of birthdays…playing with my presents! Mr. Charming bought me the prettiest paintbrushes I have ever seen! They are Indian sable with gorgeous long handles and multi-coloured bristles. I can’t wait to see what exciting things I can do with them! I’m enjoying a new view in my lounge room, thanks to the breakfast fairy, who also brought me an adorable little painting of bunnies in a storm at sea…adding to the lounge room sprucing are two different types of tiger lilies and a cute little cupcake soap in a box…oh Audy, don’t ya just love birthdays?



I feel like I have been really busy or something, my creative projects have been moving very slowly…silly hip and it’s penchant for not letting me sit up at my easel! I’m taking it easy with everything though, my jaw swells at the slightest anything and my hip and knee hardly go down at all. I’m sure it would all seem less confusing without my fuzzy head. I do hope the doctor is going to tell me it’s a happy, easy treatment that I have to look forward to…I tells ya, it gets mighty frustrating always waiting to find out the next step, but not really know what is going on with my own body…

Love & Finger Crossing,


P.S. I loved hearing your stories of tween angst! More from my vault soon….

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  • 9 thoughts on “Pretty Paintbrushes And the Princess Of Tiger Lilies

    1. Tracy Cupitt

      Hi Caf, thanks for visiting my blog and for the lovely comment! I’m sorry to hear about your troubles and I’m impressed with your positivity!! It’s great having artistic projects to get stuck into isn’t it, takes your mind off the crappy things life throws at you. By the way, I tried combining machine embroidery with watercolours (well, acrylics painted like watercolours) and tissue paper once, it was great fun and I can reccomend the combination!
      Happy Unbirthday

    2. esme and the lane way

      Happy Birthday! It sound like a v good day – croissants and coffee for breakfast = yums!

    3. ms Claire Sunday

      happy birthday, I’m glad it was so lovely for you. Flowers and paintbrushes= perfect.

    4. alex

      Happy (late) Birthday! I wish you all the best!

      Thanks so much for all the lovely comments on my blog! They always brighten up my day.


    5. miz katie

      Happy birthday, dear. It sounds like you had a wonderful day. mmm..breakfast and paint brushes.

      I’ve never heard the unbirthday song.

      I am crossing my fingers for you, too. Here’s to good news from the doctor.

    6. Distressing Delilah

      Happy birthday, belated as it may be. I hope you can start to get some relief from your pain soon. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you! oops..just read others are too! Keep shining you sunny attitude makes me smile.

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