Party Flowers & Cheering Powers

Dear Audy,

Phew, it has been an exhausting week! Exhausting in good ways for a change. Well, the pain of being exhausted is not good, but at least I got to have a bit of fun getting this way for a change!

On Saturday night I had friends round for belated birthday drinks. Thanks so much to everyone who came, it was wonderful to see you! I get a bit isolated at home with CRPS, it was so awesome that people came out on a cloudy night to have a drink with me. I’m also looking forward to organising some tea parties to catch up with those who couldn’t make it. Great to see my friends whom I just don’t get to see enough these days! I wore the pretty orange dress and flowers in my hair as planned, unfortunately my photobooth never came to be because I wish I had pictures to show you. I took a couple of snaps the next day and I am still enjoying my birthday flowers! My prince and I had the family around for dinner on Monday night as we figured the house was already decorated. I never let an opportunity for prince cooking go by, he’s mighty fine at it, my belly is still dreaming about roast beetroot.

20092010 Purple Bday Flowers & Finkleton sml

20091020 Bday Gerberas & Sweet Williams sml

I got back to the non birthday celebrating fundamentals of getting through life by heading off to a doctor’s appointment yesterday. Just a regular catch up with my GP for paperwork, prescriptions and a little advice. I received a delightful letter on Friday from my employer, pretty much stating that I will be fired in ten days because my CRPS cannot be proven, unless I can argue why I shouldn’t be. Very angryfying. I don’t work at the moment, but I have been trying to get well so that I can and was initially told I would have five years to do so before my employment would be terminated. Now it seems they want to ‘clean me up’ early. I am not impressed that I now have to go through the process of refuting their claims. I am also pretty disgusted about the wording and implications of this surprise letter, the extra stress and upset is not what I need at all! They go as far as to say that because they have no proof on scans, such as MRIs and x-rays of my CRPS, that they cannot see a reason why I should be suffering such a negative impact on my quality of life. It’s taken a few days, but I’ve nearly gotten the mental punching out of my system.

As a lovely break to the monotony of paperwork, appointments and pain, I had the privilege of meeting up in real life with a friend that I met on Twitter (Jen’s blog here). We came across each other randomly chatting about a TV show and after a little while of following one another discovered that we have a lot of interests in common, as well as being able to relate about our frustrating issues with chronic pain. She’s been going through a really rough time lately, I got my parental chauffeur to take me past the hospital that she’s laid up in so that I could say hello. It was great gasbagging with a new buddy and wonderful to meet someone I have been conversing, joking and commiserating with online, in real life. I can’t help but feel sorry for those who write Twitter off as a waste of time, a stream of useless messages and a place where everyone wants to pretend they are famous. They are missing out on a lot by not digging deeper. New friends are nothing to scoff at!

Love, Happy’s & A Little Indignation,

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  • One thought on “Party Flowers & Cheering Powers

    1. Jen

      Me and brawson thank you. Yeah Twitter is the last place I would of thought I would of I’d find a friend like you, but it really shows that the Internet is not full of old 45 peodophile men, and you can really find genuine people out in the (W)ide (W)onderful (W)
      Thankyou for your visit, I couldn’t stop raving about you to my mum who hear’s about you every day!
      Anyway lunch has arrived and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
      I’m sure you read my Twitter rant this morning as I can’t write in my blog from my phone. They want to/ they are going to give me another cortisone injection today and I couldn’t be more petrified after the last traumatic expierience I had. I cried all night Im scared to leave the room. But they have make sure it’s the hip that’s causing the pain and it’s not just senitization. Like what you were talking about yesterday.
      Anyway thanks for visiting me poppit. I’m sure your mum was freaking out a little bit with u meeting someone you have met over the Internet but I’m in hospital so there wasn’t much I could do to be scary! Haha
      take care gorgeous. Xx Jen

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