One Breath After The Other

Dear Audy,

I planned on sharing the next installment of my RSD story with you today, however it’s been uploading for a couple of hours now…good one, youtube. While I was waiting, my fingers decided to write a poem…then I used my brain(!) to write something to go along with it…

One Breath After The Other

It’s like a constant waiting game
With each and every day the same
It stretches on and never ends
With only pain around the bends
How to keep my mind in line?
How to keep my smile, in time?
A little hope but to be spared
A little hope but better shared
How could I have never cared?
Back before this all began
Back when I wanted to, I ran
I knew not what the future held
Expected a happy, fantasy meld
Until it hit with sudden force
Knocked my entire life off course
Living a half life, in constant pain
Struggling, hoping not in vain

Taking one breath after the other…

It’s like a constant waiting game
With each and every day the same

Sigh…this is just life with RSD…there are not guaranteed treatments or cures. Sometimes my body flares up in such pain that I can’t even believe I stay conscious and yet there is nothing I can do about it, I cannot take a painkiller and make it go away…

I hope that by sharing my story and experiences I can help educate people about RSD/CRPS…suffering from an unknown and invisible disease makes it extremely difficult to get by in a society that judges on appearance. It’s not like having a condition that people understand, like Epilepsy or Multiple Sclerosis. RSD sufferers have to explain their condition constantly, even to the doctors and nurses they rely on and often are met with looks of disbelief and suspicion. Please understand that this is not ‘phantom pain’, this is REAL PAIN, our nerves are firing pain signals constantly, there is just not a known reason for them to be doing that.

Please be aware, when you are out there in the big, wide world, that there are medical conditions that you might never have heard of, degrees of pain that you might not understand…just be aware and maybe don’t got ramming people out of your way and stomping on their feet, you might be causing a lifetime of pain.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, thank you for listening, by simply listening you have helped my cause…thanks again.

Love & Awareness Spreading,


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    1. Chronic Chick Talk

      Beautiful poem. Amazing how sickness brings out creativity. :) You may be able to do some veggies on your porch. I’m limited because of my w/c and strength. Look up container gardening. Its such a satisfaction.

      chronic chick

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