Off To A Good Start

Dear Audy,

It’s finally here! May 2012 bring you something beautiful, something relaxing, something hilarious and something surprising. May these gifts bring lessons and the learning bring contentment.

I haven’t felt this positive about the beginning of a year in a long time.


Holidays can be tough for those in chronic pain. A time of celebration for the past year and planning for the new one can all seem a bit overwhelming to those who aren’t able to follow their dreams and passions due to unreliable bodies. I am not immune to this, but I am getting better at dealing with it.

I found myself needing to do a lot of thought patrols. Despite my best efforts there were a few moments of sadness, longing and regret. Chronic pain can invite a sense of disconnect from society and it can be hard to learn to not view this a reason to be upset.

It isn’t a reason to be upset, though, it’s just some habitual thoughts. The sooner I replace them by thinking other things, the sooner their hold on me is released. Habit has a habit of pretending things are much more important than they are simply because they are repeated.

This year, I am actually proud of what I achieved in the last 12 months. I have learnt enough about myself and my body that I feel equipped to continue managing my pain and improving no matter what new challenges life decides to throw at me.

The holiday pangs disappeared quickly once January arrived. I have been enjoying my friends, my prince, some movies and my air conditioning. Not to mention, there is just so much to look forward to about the year ahead!

Starting tomorrow, when I shall be heading off on my first holiday in too many years. It was a last minute decision, everything just sort of lined up for my prince and I.

I feel so very lucky.

I am looking forward to trees, beaches and the relaxation that only exists in worlds away from one’s home.

When I return, I shall get stuck into working on things that will improve my life and keep me on the path to healing. I am actually looking forward to settling into a productive routine rather than allowing pain levels to dictate what I do.

My motto as I launch into re-conditioning myself out of cripple mode shall be:

There is always a workaround.

I quite like boiling ideas down to mottos. I have a lot of them. Is that just a me thing? What are your mottoes?

Love & Happy Days,

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