Nothing Left But Happy Memories And Mess

Dear Audy,

Another year, another million dollars…please? That really would be super helpful.

I am slowly but surely recovering from frivolous fabulousness on NYE. Binge drinking might be bad, but occasionally, it’s a whole lot of fun. I didn’t set out to make myself ill, however drunk me is much more prone to thinking vodka shots are a good idea than regular me. The shots were definitely my downfall. The upside? I don’t remember the messy part, so as far as I’m concerned it was a great night!

NYE is always more fun when you don’t have high expectations. I much prefer to spend it having a few drinks with friends than out raving or wandering the streets somewhere. This year, I had a small gathering at my place (including fellow bloggers Jen & Megan). We drank and ate and aired grievances about the year just gone. Airing grievances is much more fun than making resolutions!

Midnight brought the fireworks, as it usually does on the last night of the year. I live near a large area of park and ovals and it was a happening place for illegal lighting up of the sky with colours and sparkle. Making our way outside to watch the display, my little gathering found itself drunk face to drunk face with some naked neighbours. Yep, naked. In the street. In that way that is only hilarious if you are rather wasted.

After some friendly and chaotic partying with our (then clothed) newfound friends, the girls and I crashed out in the lounge room for some drunken snoozing and talking drivel.

Me and Jen, I like to think she’s looking off toward a wonderful year ahead!

Thankfully, Jen had avoided the vodka shots and was capable of looking after my messy self. I shall say no more, trust me, you don’t want to read about the rest of the night!

December was a pretty stressful month, rounding out a rather crazy year. I don’t advocate getting drunk as the only way to have fun, or something one should do all the time, but occasionally it is a wonderful way for me to just throw out my worries and have fun for a while. Sure, there’s the hangover, pain and clean up price to be paid, but I’m happy to pay it now and then so I can let out that steam that tends to bottle up inside.

I feel like I have thrown off the worries from last year, just chucked them out and I can go forward focusing on the little ways that I can keep making my life better. I am sore, but I am positive and that’s the main thing – it’s rather impossible to move forward without a little faith that things can improve and that accomplishment is a possibility.

My plan for the year ahead is pretty simple: continue trying just as hard as I possibly can. I will keep overcoming my pain and I will keep adding things to my life and building up my strength. That’s about it. I’m not going to make any grandiose statements about this year being my year, or some such rubbish. We all know that life likes to surprise us. The only resolution that really matters is to handle every challenge that comes our way as best we can, with integrity and a mind open for learning.

My plan for the day ahead is a little Feldenkrais and then a small sewing project. I need to get back into the seamstress seat. I have been watching Project Runway like it is the only show on Earth lately and have built up enough inspiration to last me for months – provided that I can physically follow through with my plans!

I wish you much joy and success for the year ahead, Audy!

Love & Fresh Beginnings,

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  • 6 thoughts on “Nothing Left But Happy Memories And Mess

      1. Suzanne Stewart

        Hey Caf…sorry I’m just getting to my 430 emails!! aarrrggh! I miss you so much…glad you had some fun though from the sound of this one…LOL…I love reading your blog, you’re so talented…keep em coming and I love you sister! xo

    1. Jen

      Oh but the rest of the night was full of memories.. For me! And everything i told you, which happened after you passed out was completely true! I couldn’t make that shit up if I tried! Hahaha! Yep I avoided the vodka shots cos I know what medication I’m on and that shit don’t mix, but up until the vomit (starting from Megan..) good times were had. And hun, as much as I hate vomit, I would look after you, like I did again if you needed me too.
      Thanks for a night full of interesting memories!!
      Love you lots! Xx

    2. Jen

      PS: I think that picture came from a series of photos of us playing “let’s be models”. Photographers: Megan and myself. Hahaha

    3. Suzanne Stewart

      Hey Caf, I just adore your blogs and enjoy reading them. Thank you for the enjoyment for my eyes and making me see the world through your eyes…love you my dear friend from afar !! love,suzyQ

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