Next Year Is Going To Be Pretty Awesome

Dear Audy,

The year is winding up, Santa is nearly here and the people of Earth are taking their holiday stances as excited, indifferent or grinch.

I haven’t done much about Christmas this year, haven’t even found the energy to put up the tree. I’m far more excited about January approaching than the day of feasts and presents on this particular cycle through the months.

I feel like I am very much ready for a new year. I am finally settled in my new home. I don’t have to move in the next twelve months, a sense of security that I have not had in years. I can set up my things and make home comfortable enough that I can focus on other things.

Plenty of other things! I have big plans for 2012.

I am going to:

  • Stop taking daily meds and just use them for breakthrough pain (I’m down to just 2).
  • Further strengthen my body and enjoy the added benefit of effortless weight loss that comes along with a mostly paleo diet.
  • Get very involved with Chronic Pain Australia and enjoy having an actual job to do that can make a difference to people other than myself.
  • Write some marvellous things.
  • Sew some fabulous things.
  • Cook some delicious things.
  • Keep my head on straight.

  • Sounds pretty reasonable, yes?

    On the weekend, I got a birthday present, even though it wasn’t my birthday and I was at a party for somebody whose birthday it actually was. Yay! My present is this freaking adorable diary for next year. Thanks, Bob!

    It has STICKERS!

    And POCKETS!

    And LITTLE FACES to record one’s mood!

    I am going to use it to organise the productive side of my life, set myself deadlines and note how my CRPS is doing and how well I am coping. It is a very enlightening thing to keep a record of what I have actually done to combat my pain and then compare this to how much pain I am perceiving. Makes it a lot harder to sit around when perhaps moving or stretching would be a more beneficial use of time.

    Which is really what I should do now; these muggy mornings are more painful than the clear ones.

    What are you planning for the year ahead, Audy? And will you use a pretty diary to help you achieve it?

    Love & Patterned Pages,

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  • 8 thoughts on “Next Year Is Going To Be Pretty Awesome

    1. Jackie

      Love the diary, I am in the process of setting myself some goals for 2012. This year has been so up and down, now I know the reality with CRPS I can set myself some realistic goals around it for next year. :)

      1. Hayley Cafarella Post author

        This is the first year with CRPS that my goals are anything more that “cope”, it certainly takes some getting used to! I am getting better at doing things at times that I’ve set without letting the pain dictate my days, but not setting too much so that I end up pushing too hard. It’s such a delicate balance. Good luck with your goals! I’ll look forward to reading what you come up with :) xx

    2. Emmie Dark

      Pretty stationery is the awesomest and can help you achieve many things, I’m sure of it. I too, am looking forward to the New Year, but for a slightly different reason — I get to have a rest in January! A rest that I sorely need. But I love your list of things you have planned for 2012 — simple, achievable and inspirational. Nicely done. Might have to write one of those for myself — after I’m rested. 😉

    3. Tracey

      Oh that all sounds VERY exciting … bring on 2012 I say, 2011 has been a bit hit-and-miss.

      PS. Sorry for my absence of late, as ever I enjoy visiting you here and I’ve missed reading your words. :)

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