Nasty November Ninth

Dear Audy,

It hurts to type, but I have to do something…my whole body is malfunctioning right now, my left hip and leg are aching and demanding to recline, my RSD right ankle is flared and my right wrist is killing me, from my forearm through to my knuckles…which kind of look bruised.

I knew I couldn’t sit up today and so I decided to practise with the palette watercolours, as I can do that on my lap. My first effort didn’t go so well, but with several lessons firmly learnt along the way, I was determined to go for a take 2. I was determined, but my hand had other plans and decided to get all stiff and sore and feels like it is just taunting me to try and paint now….go on Caf, paint now, let’s see you paint now, go on…

Thus, instead of a lovely new painting, I have a rather grouchy poem as a result of today’s creative pursuits…

Nasty November Ninth

This day shines bright
But I am sad
Sweet longing for
All that i had

It even hurts to write this down

The list is stretching infinitely
Of things i can’t do physically

Solace has lain
But now has been slain

As it overcomes my hand

So long, dear brushes
And palette paint
I tried today
But today it ain’t

An oasis, it’s just a mirage

Teardrops may teeter
But misfortune showers
Oblivious to
My wishful powers

I will sigh
And drop my gaze
Grit and endure
This draining day

Though my stubborn resistance cowers

Oh Audy, I hope you are having a lovely Sunday for the both of us.

Love & Venting,


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  • 3 thoughts on “Nasty November Ninth

    1. Susanna-Cole

      Aw sorry to hear yesterday was so rotten. :( Really hope things get brighter soon, and also though it was quite sad, you write poetry quite beautifully I must say!

      Thanks for your comment and for adding on Flickr, by the way! :)


    2. Distressing Delilah

      Hang in there with your beautiful spirit..which is very apparent, nasty day or not. I thought of you the other night..I had a very painful tough night. Actually had tears in my eyes..I mostly hurt at night..from what I am not sure! But I was thinking of all you seem to go thru during the day…just keep your chin up and keep doing what you are doing!

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