My RSD Story part 8: The Doctor Dumps Me

Dear Audy,

This sudden cold snap that Melbourne is experiencing is aggravating my RSD like crazy! It doesn’t help matters that I need a new heater…mine isn’t heating very well…the only thing it has to do! Lazy heater.

My Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) Story part 8: The Doctor Dumps Me

I’m struggling a bit at the moment, but I’ll be back soon…hopefully healthier! I am kinda missing bread though….

Love & Hanging On,

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  • 3 thoughts on “My RSD Story part 8: The Doctor Dumps Me

    1. Carey

      So sorry about all the extra stress your moron pain Dr has thrown onto your pile… and then the stupid blood tests. I so hope the suppliments/diet are worth causing this flare. We have to keep trying though, don’t we?

      Thank you for throwing in the puppet show at the end. It’s made my day!

    2. Maria

      Good job, love!!! A vegan, raw diet has rocked my world. I LOVE IT!!!! Isn’t it a shame how the pain spreads? I feel for you, sweety. My new blog post is about other people… I’ve had some encounters lately that inspired a blog post about the ego. Ridding our bodies of meat, gluten, and dairy is great, but also ridding our lives of negative people is even better. I hope you get a chance to take a look at it. Give me your thoughts!

    3. Jeanne

      I am so sorry your doctor did that to you. Having been dumped by a doctor myself, I can empathize. Your positive attitude despite adversity is wonderful and your puppet show was funny. I just left you a message on YouTube.

      Take care,


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