More Than Words… #BloggersWithoutMakeup, Cause There’s Real People Under All Those Toxins

Dear Audy,

It’s not that often that a hashtag on Twitter will catch my eye in a good way, other than when they are related to tv shows. Today I became rather intrigued, however, when I saw a bunch of naked faces appearing in my stream, next to the tag #BloggersWithoutMakeup. How marvelous, I thought, I can actually see what these people that I interact with through blogs and Twitter actually look like!

Provided with a link from the helpful Thea, I found myself reading a thought provoking post on a blog that was new to me Mummy Mayhem.

I’m not a person that is hugely into caring about whether the media portrays women as ‘real’ or not, I just kind of expect that we’ll always be given aesthetically pleasing people to look at on the screen and in magazines and I’m kind of ok with that. Those mediums depend on sales and the (sometimes harsh) truth is that people like to look at pretty people. Personally, I like to look at healthy people, neither the super skinny nor unnecessarily overweight appeal to me. Blogging, however, is a different world. I follow blogs because I like the people who write them, not a fabricated image of that person. Personal blogs that come across as too constructed don’t really interest me. I interact with a lot of people online and many of them are not even a face to me, just a username and a profile picture of a cartoon/landscape/pet/trampoline. It has never before occurred to me that I have images in my mind of people that are not images of people at all, how can I possibly know someone when their name comes attached to an image of an illustrated cupcake?

20100514 BloggersWithoutMakeup

This is what I look like most of the time, except for the attempted smile, that was just showing off for the camera. I would have given you a real smile, except that my face won’t move like that right now, it seems to think it was jackhammered by the dentist yesterday and isn’t being at all nice to me today. Thankfully, drugs work on this pain to a much higher degree than a regular, burny CRPS flare.

I have always tried to keep my blog as glossless as possible. I am trying to share what it is like to live with a chronic illness and the truth is that things are not always pretty. I have posted plenty of pictures, even videos, of myself looking like utter crap because that is the truth of what is happening at the time. I decided quite some time ago that I wasn’t going to stress over my appearance for others anymore. I think that it’s one of those ‘growing up’ realisations that most people come to at some point in their life. These days, if I’m wearing makeup it’s because I want to, because I feel like dressing up and feeling different to normal, not because I’m worried of what others will think of me if I go out all naked in the face. The truth is, I mostly go out all naked in the face! Makeup is kind of like evening wear for me.

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about the amount of chemicals that we put on our bodies every day without even stopping to consider how they could be affecting us. Soaps, moisturisers, makeup, perfume, and then we clean with chemicals, wear clothes washed with chemicals…the list goes on and on. Until I read this post by Jeanne on Chronic Healing, I had never really considered that the chemicals one person puts on their body might also affect those around them with sensitivities. Since this stuff has been bouncing around my brain, I have been attempting to cut out the amount of chemicals that I expose myself too. I figure, it’s bad enough that I need to take daily medication, I should try and limit other kinds of chemical exposure where I can, just because it really isn’t much more work than not limiting it! One thing that people often don’t realise is that, along with pain sensitivity, comes a whole bunch of other sensitivities. I am sensitive to just about everything, light, heat, emotions – both mine and other people’s, scent, air pressure changes…it’s another lengthy list and I’d rather not add to it by creating more sensitivities through exposure.

I have been switching my skin and haircare products for organic ones, lucky for me I have a friend who runs an amazing online store, Pukka Skincare, so I didn’t have to ponder over where to find products. Pukka stocks a bunch of organic and Australian made products and that is just what I was after. The makeup collection switch will be next. Being that I don’t wear it all that often, I plan to turf most of what I currently have and replace with better quality, less toxic and fewer products.

I think that having all this on my mind is what attracted me to joining the other #BloggersWithoutMakeup. Whilst I think that the promoting the concept of not being ashamed of one’s own appearance is worthy on its own, I also wanted to invite you to have a think about what I’ve been thinking about…can all these chemicals in modern day life be good for us? I mean, humans did manage to evolve all the way from apes without them. Whilst better quality, organic products might cost a little more, I think it’s worth it not to be covering myself with chemicals whose names I can’t even pronounce!

Love & Naked Faces,

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  • 30 thoughts on “More Than Words… #BloggersWithoutMakeup, Cause There’s Real People Under All Those Toxins

      1. admin Post author

        Thank you! Sorry for such a delayed response, it’s been a long few weeks! I think your no makeup pic is gorgeous, your kids are pretty darn cute too 😉

      1. admin Post author

        Thank you :) Of course, I’ve always wished they were green…. (I guess eyes are a bit like grass) ;P

      1. admin Post author

        thank you :) I’m very behind on my ‘interneting’ and I couldn’t find your bloggers without makeup post! But freckles can’t possibly be bringing your look down – they are like natural decoration! I used to love getting freckles…but, you know, nowadays the sun is scary… :)

    1. suzanne

      Yes…you do look beautiful despite your pain sweetie….I also wanted to get back to you on your questions re: amy’s graduation. The asterisks ** near her name meant that she got “HIGHEST HONORS” or graduated “SUMA CUM LAUDE” Latin for Highest Honors, then the other stuff D/H and U/H means = Departmental Honors and University Honors…I hope this helps…love you Hayley…I love to read your blogs !! thank y ou…love,suzy

      1. admin Post author

        Oh thank you! You must be such a proud mum!! I loved your post about wedding dress shopping, can’t wait to see pictures from the actual day, when it’s not a secret anymore ;D xx

    2. Jeanne


      Great post! I just posted a video 2 days ago for Fibromyalgia Awareness Day and I didn’t have a stitch of makeup on. (That was before I had read this post. (I just did NOT feel like putting my “lip-gloss-for-videos-only” on… so I didn’t). It’s funny because when I started making videos to go with my blogs, I went out and bought some lip gloss because I was afraid I might look washed out on a video. I literally didn’t have any lipstick on-hand because I haven’t worn any in a good 15 years or so. Or any other makeup for that matter. My reasoning behind buying the lip gloss is that I know without some color on my lips in photos that I cam get “washed out” looking. My May 12th video was the first one where I skipped the lip gloss and I have never worn any other makeup on any of my videos. It’s funny because my husband is so used to seeing my without makeup that a few years back when I went to put just a little makeup on for a wedding we were going to, he said “you look better without makeup” because he was so used to seeing me without it. (Have I got a great hubby or what?)

      Anyhow, thanks for mentioning the MCS post. I think it’s so important for people to stop and think about what they are applying to their skin… which, after all, is the biggest organ of the body. The skin’s ability to absorb harmful chemicals that are toxic to the body is great. With this being Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Awareness Month, I appreciate you helping to get the word out about what these products can do to the person wearing them AND to those around him/her. My “Riverdance Ruined?” post that you linked to is just one example of the kinds of issues I deal with all the time.

      The good news is that more and more awareness about toxic fragrances is occurring. In my country, The Centers for Disease Control recently announced a chemical-free, fragrance free policy for all its office space. I believe this will pave the way for similar policies in medical offices and hospitals.

      Anyone wishing to learn more information about these issues can check out my favorite MCS site: The Canary Report. It’s amazing.

      You look absolutely adorable without makeup! Great post!

      Sorry about your pain following the dentist.


      P.S. I will definitely post a link to this on Facebook. It’s a great post for MCS Awareness month. What we put on our skin really does matter to our health! (Sorry… no Twitter for me. You know why!) 😉

    3. franci

      Funny, when I look at your photos I always see an attravtive young lady. Whether you are wearing makeup or not! Just lucky in that you are a natural beauty!

    4. Cerry

      You look fantastic. And I know what you mean about covering yourself in chemicals you can’t pronounce. Only I get more worried when I can pronounce stuff, cause the only ones I can pronounce are bad ones.

    5. Maria (Tough Cookie)

      Hi, sweety! Sorry you don’t feel well.

      My rule is, if you wouldn’t eat it, straight up chew and swallow it, don’t put it on your body. It is the perfect rule to follow. It is one of the changes I made when I went vegan, which is a lifestyle makeover, not just a diet.

      I think you are beautiful the way you are! On my blog, I just give readers the “real me” depending on what that is for the day. When I became ill, I learned that it is what is on the inside that counts, and we should appreciate what we have been given by God. To reject ourselves, is to reject the divine, because we are divine.

      Feel better!

      1. admin Post author

        Ooh, I like that tip, thank you! I shall be thinking hard about whether or not I would eat it raw before I eat things, making over my diet has proven to be hard work with all these darned flare ups, but I expect I’ll get there eventually. I very much love all your tips and tricks!! :) x

    6. Wanderlust

      What an interesting and though-provoking post. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the chemicals I put into my body, via food, and have considered the chemicals in household cleaners, but never stopped to think about makeup and other self-care products. But it makes sense, of course.

      I don’t know what kind of pain you are struggling with, as this is my first visit to your blog. I recently changed to a whole foods, organic diet in an attempt to control chronic migraines, which is why my thoughts of late are focused on toxins.

      I would agree with your statement about sensitivities applying across the board. Some of us are just wired to feel things at a higher frequency, I guess you could say, for better or for worse.

      Hope your pain situation improves. You look beautiful in your picture.

    7. Wanderlust

      Well okay, silly me, just read your profile on the sidebar, which tells about your CRPS. I know nothing about that but it doesn’t sound like fun at all. At least I have down time between my migraines! I wish you luck with managing that. I hope having a voice here on the web is helpful.

      1. admin Post author

        Thank you for the lovely comment, I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to consider cosmetics as chemicals either – it’s definitely one of those ‘lightbulb above the head’ moments! I am trying to shift to a more organic diet also, I struggle because I often can’t shop or prepare my own food and it’s hard to be picky when someone is helping you…but I’ll get there 😉 Are you feeling better after your diet change? Has it helped the migraines? I just have no idea what is helping or not helping me at the moment, in a bit of a treatment mania and my condition goes up and down so it can be really hard to tell. I love being able to blog about it, I’ve met so many amazing people, there is a really supportive online community of CRPS sufferers and sufferers of other pain conditions that helps me a lot :)

    8. Matthew Smith


      The worst picture of you I’ve seen is from last September, attached to this post. You really looked like you were in pain in that picture.

      That’s a really lovely picture of you in this post. I wonder if women really think of what’s in what they slather all over their face? It’s so much nicer to kiss a face that isn’t covered in gloop 😉

      Also, I found Jeanne’s MCS blog really interesting – my cousin had that a few years ago and we all had to stop wearing spray on deodorants and all that stuff in case she came to the house. I posted a comment on her ME/”CFS” Awareness post, as it’s supposedly been ME Awareness Week in the UK this past week, but all the coverage has been lost in all the election talk.

      1. admin Post author

        Oh, yes, I was VERY sore in that post! Gosh, it’s weird reading that now, good though, it reminds me that I have come a long way, even if it doesn’t always feel that way. Haha, I’d never thought about what it must be like to be the person kissing a made up face!! 😀 That does sound offputting. Sad to hear about the ME Awareness getting lost under the election, I read a few interesting posts that week, I hope that seeing as a little of the information got to me, it also got out to others!

    9. jeisea

      I love your blog especially this post. Hope you don’t mind but I’ll put your link on my site. I’ll be coming to Melbourne to a craft market at the end of June as my daughter’s friend is one of the Thread Den people and we hope to bring tea coseys, and aprons as well as other vintage inspired stuff. Never been to melbourne before so very excited.

      Take care of you and please let me know if thewre is any way I can help you.

      1. admin Post author

        Thanks very much! I enjoy your blog also, I think we have a lot in common…that Explain Pain book can be a very useful bible!! I’ll add you into my links section also. Craft market sounds awesome, do you make a lot of stuff yourself? :)

    10. Shauna

      YOU my dear, and those blue, deep blue eyes, are gorgeous!! As FRANCI commented, I simply see a beauty, with or without makeup…(makeup? what is that?) Honey your eyes reflect your empathy for others and for yourself more importantly, I think a person could get lost in them!! 8-D hehe

      I wanted to bring over here a comment I wrote back to you on your comment on my blog. Just wanted to make sure you saw it. Shauna said…

      Dearest Caf, —-<3

      Honey, the smiles can be there just to make it go easier 'out in the world'; it certainly doesn't reflect how we feel inside….I know we have talked about the wrath of depression and believe me sweetie, I step around that huge hold daily. I fall in sometimes, and stay awhile; then somehow pull myself out…scariest part is that I know the bottom of that hole very well. It terrifies me when I see it.

      Along with pain, we deal with depression. Who the heck wouldn't be in situational depression experiencing pain daily?? Being diagnosed with Clinical Depression and Severe Anxiety, (replacing an old, incorrect, broadly-given diagnosis given to everyone that saw a certain doctor,) we are faced with an entire other set of challenges.

      I know you are strong Caf…you prove it every single day that you get through. Whatever you had to do, however you did it, or didn't do it…you made it.

      And so did I right beside you.

      Lots and lots of Gentle Hugs…
      xoxoxoxoxoxoxo —–<3

      May 15, 2010 10:31 PM
      Let me see whats below I cant see what I am typing into here
      Blogger Shauna said…

      Dearest Caf, —-<3

      Honey, the smiles can be there just to make it go easiIt terrifies me when I see it.

      Along with pain, we deal with depression. Who the heck wouldn't be in situational depression experiencing pain daily?? Being diagnosed with Clinical Depression and Severe Anxiety, (replacing an old, incorrect, broadly-given diagnosis given to everyone that saw a certain doctor,) we are faced with an entire other set of challenges.

      I know you are strong Caf…you prove it every single day that you get through. Whatever you had to do, however you did it, or didn't do it…you made it.

      And so did I right beside you.

      Lots and lots of Gentle Hugs…
      xoxoxoxoxoxoxo —–<3

      May 15, 2010 10:31 PM

    11. Shauna

      Caf dear?

      I am having a problem in leaving a comment here. After the green box is filled with typing, I can’t scroll down, or use my arrows to go down, etc. That’s why the comment above is posted twice. Sorry hun. And I wanted to comment about makeup, as I am a Professional Make-Up Artist; Trained in Hollywood and had quite a career in that area of life before Nursing entered. I got my California license for what they called in ’79: Cosmetician; now called Estheticians.

      One word though regarding ANY makeup, and MCS, is Mineral foundation. Bare Ecentuals were the originators, and stick to the purest ingredients possible. Now that my life has changed, as far as not working or going out as much, and makeup is something I rarely wear. I am the one that wouldn’t go to the mailbox without lip gloss. (Ohhhhh that was a LONG time ago!)

      But IF you’d like to put something on to feel a bit more ‘even’, (although YOU my dear, have no need for foundation at all!) a quick swish of mineral powder with a tint of color can do wonders on those days we need to get out there an do it. I use their blush, eyeshadow, lipstick and gloss, I just love their products.

      Whohoooo now I can see down to the bottom where I am writing! Cool.

      Many Gentle Hugs my friend —–<3

      1. admin Post author

        Thank you for the lovely comments!! I’m not sure why the site is being difficult, I shall have to check that out. Thanks very much for the insights on mineral foundation, I have seen it around a lot lately but never tried it, shall have to give it a go! Life a professional makeup artist must have been worlds away from life as a nurse, I’d love to hear stories if you ever feel like blogging about it. I haven’t been online much lately as it’s been appointment mania for me, I’m getting to these comments late but thank you so much, as hard as it is being in pain and the stress that comes along with that, it always helps to know that I’m not the only one who understands :) xx

    12. Maria (Tough Cookie)

      Hi, sweety! I just wrote a blog post that I think you may enjoy on how to increase self-acceptance, especially with a chronic illness. It has a personal intro about how I used to have an ED and my road to where I am today.

      Sending love xoxo

      1. admin Post author

        Thank you! I am very much enjoying your posts on self acceptance, it’s something that I’m working a lot at at the moment. Meditation is helping me heaps, I’ve been reading a lot about mindfulness lately and I’m working on changing my perspective about a lot of things. It is amazing how long the journey inward is… Hope those flares are leaving you alone!! xx

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