May: The Month Of Too Much

Dear Audy,

Far too many appointments for one month. FAR. TOO. MANY.

I think that pretty much says most of what I wanted to tell you, I say the rest just down there in that video. I also talk a little about how I’ve been dealing with the stress of the appointment overload, show you my latest work in progress and let you know what I think about ‘novels’ that don’t end on the last page.

Did you catch me scratching my head whilst thinking? I got monkey class I do.

In the case that you are interested in either of the books that I babbled a bit about, they can be found here (with free shipping!):
The Joy Of Living by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche
LA Candy by Lauren Conrad

Love & Rambles,

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  • 9 thoughts on “May: The Month Of Too Much

    1. Maria (Tough Cookie)

      I decided to take May off of doctors since the semester ended. I started to feel so limited by this regimented life. Everything is so controlled, and it took the fun out of things for awhile. I wanted to not feel like a patient for a few weeks. It’s nice!

      Hope you are well xoxo

      1. admin Post author

        Oooh, I need to take a page out of your book and take a break!! Once this ’round’ is over I should get a bit of a rest…I’m looking very forward to when things settle down, I have to move house now as the landlord is selling (doh!) so I have a couple of hectic weeks ahead…can’t wait till it all settles down again :) xx

    2. Ross

      I know what you mean!! It’s been a brutal week for me with doctors and physio myself. I have been meaning to ask if you’d like to put a guest post on my site sometime?

      1. admin Post author

        Thanks Ross! i have been following your nerve block updates, sounds so brutal!! I hope that you are doing ok :)
        I’d be honoured to write a guest post, just drop me an email and let me know what you’d like (

    3. Jeanne


      Been there, done that. Too many doctors too close together can be TOUGH! I’m sending positive energy your way!

      Please rest, rest, rest! 😉


      1. admin Post author

        Thank you! I’ve been enjoying playing with colours again. Very annoyed at the pain today because all I want to do is drawnt and it won’t let me sit up properly :( Oh wells…hopefully tomorrow 😉 x

      1. admin Post author

        Thanks Tracey! June is turning out to be a bit to choccas as well, but I’m hanging in there for July…GO JULY!! ;D x

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