Magical Music At The Palais With Sarah Blasko, 2010

Dear Audy,

Hurrah! I finally have the internet again and can enjoy feeling connected again. It has definitely been strange to be unable to log on each day and enjoy reading blogs, staring at inspiring things and chatting to lovely people. Really makes me appreciate that I live in a time when we have the ability to do this at all! Unfortunately, I have been rather flared up for the past few days. I am resting as best I can, using all the tricks that I’ve learnt to try and settle the beast and waiting for my mind to return from being scattered all haphazardly around the place. Fortunately, just before this flare got its cogs turning, I was able to enjoy an excellent night out with a friend.

Going to see Sarah Blasko has been something that I have been looking forward to for months and I was not disappointed. I have only seen her once before, at A Day On The Green, in a paddock with a picturesque view, on the evening of a 40 degree (Celsius) day, amongst a bunch of people who had been drinking in the sun for hours, as we all waited for it to set. Do you know what happens to people who have been doing that? They go feral, that’s what. T-shirts were being worn as hats. The thonged, mud-covered feet of intoxicated and dancing bogans stained picnic blankets, already covered with spilt beer and not necessarily the property of the IB (intoxicated bogan) in question. Yet, in spite of all this going on around me (and, let’s face it, I was very far from sober myself, caring not that I was on crutches), I still remember how amazing Sarah sounded as her hauntingly beautiful voice rang out into the night and distracted me completely from the mayhem of sitting in some sort of drunk-human-pig-sty.

She is stunning. Some musicians create using musical notes, others use musical magic. Sarah falls into the latter category.

I could not wait to see her in one of my favourite Melbourne music venues, The Palais! No sun, no drinking, and pretty good seats to boot. Not to mention good acoustics and pretty lighting. The seats aren’t kind to bottoms, but I can deal with that when it means sitting in a gorgeous little piece of history.

Sarah’s talent is undeniable, her sound unique and her demeanour adorable. The thing that impressed me almost as much about this performance was the indulgence taken to perfect the costumes and staging as an enhancing element of the show. The band wore white dress shirts, you would not believe how impressed I was by this. Boys playing instruments well, whilst dressed well? You don’t get that often. The effect of these shirts, along with some white-with-the-ability-to-turn-awesome-colours balls suspended from the ceiling and the amazing white-dress that Sarah wore was a visual delight to match the beauty of the music.

(click for image source)

I have no idea who designed Sarah’s costume, but I would like to tip my hat to them. What first appeared to be a simple white frock, quickly revealed itself as a work of fabric genius. Sitting perfectly on the figure of this quirky songstress, it moved and flowed with her body as though the very music she was creating was physically dancing around her in delight. The fabric draped from her arms as she raised them, transforming her silhouette into some kind of remarkable snow angel. Every stitch served a purpose, every pleat, every angle, every fold. I was transfixed, as the music flowed through me, so did design wonder and awe.

The colourful beads adorning Sarah’s chest and head added brightness and life to the costume. More than a simple necklace or headpiece, they worked marvelously to tie the whole aesthetic of the stage together by simplistically matching the balls on the ceiling, those draped from Sarah’s microphone, and, in theory, the bubbles that she told us she had planned, before being let down by a dodgy bubble machine. Ah, the joy I take when an artist (of any kind) pays such attention to the details of every aspect of the way their work is presented. There is much beauty in that kind of passion, along with the wonderful result of taking such time and care. Subtly adding red gloves to add depth and drama to a single track? Detailing genius. Not to mention…I want those gloves.

I have trouble understanding why more musicians don’t treat their stage as an opportunity for costume design and creativity. It’s nice to look lovely in a pretty dress, but how many opportunities do you get to show off the fabulousness of costuming? Don’t let Lady Gaga put you off, costuming can be done with taste, class, and, you know, fabric.

The most memorable moment from the performance is Sarah’s bashful giggle as she forgot the lyrics during her cover of Flame Trees, after building it up with a heart-felt introduction about how the track would be farewelled from her set-list after her current tour. I love pretty much every cover I’ve ever heard her sing, but this one is quite spectacular. It gives new feeling and a sensitivity to an old Aussie classic. Unpatriotically, I have never enjoyed Cold Chisel, other than that sense of group nostalgia and camaraderie that is invoked by this iconic music at home parties, late at night, probably when someone’s parents are out of town and the drinks are potent…however, I do enjoy Sarah’s version immensely!

Before shutting up, I would also like to tip my metaphorical hat to Sarah’s enthusiastic pianist. Dude was so into it, I was concerned for his neck. That’s what I like to see!

Never heard of Sarah Blasko before? Enjoy this little piece of beautifully complex simplicity, before buying yourself copy of each of her albums!

Love & Beautiful Melodies,

P.S. If you are at a show and need to yell out from the audience, something like “I love you” during a pause in the show, it is completely uncool to need your friends to yell in sync with you. But also, very funny when I am close enough to hear your countdown…for the synchronicity and everything…of course.

P.P.S. Thanks to all for the lovely birthday wishes and hurrah for the variety of mediums these arrived via! I am yet to enjoy and reply to those left on Facebook, but very grateful to everyone who took the time to write to me. I shall reply ASAP.


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  • 7 thoughts on “Magical Music At The Palais With Sarah Blasko, 2010

      1. Caf Post author

        Thanks, Carly! Have just been having a look through her website, she is pretty fabulous! Shall head over and catch up on your recent posts shortly, have been very much hiding my head under a pillow lately, sometimes I’m just too sore for the internet! 😉 xoxo

    1. Tracey

      What a magical night that must have been … and yes, she looks amazing.

      Her voice is fascinating in the way she can exhibit both strength and delicacy with it.

      I think a lot of musicians underestimate the importance (and power) of costuming and ‘performance’ in general when performing live … glad to hear Sarah ‘gets’ it.

      1. Caf Post author

        Oh, well put! It is that combination of strength and delicacy that make her voice so fabulous!! Shall definitely remember this performance for a long time :)

    2. Suzanne Stewart

      Awwww Caf, I always enjoy reading your writings! This songstress sounds simply wonderful..How I just would love to go with you to see her and sip a coffee drink or something…We would have such a great time…I will never forget your “Lorraine” blog as that was my favorite ever!!! I enjoy and am amused and invigorated by your bloggings…love, your friend from afar…suzyQ

      1. Caf Post author

        Thanks, Suzi! I’m so glad that I can share a bit of the fun of doing these things :) Sarah is awesome, definitely consider adding her to your music collection! Poor Loretta is feeling a bit lonely at the moment, she would like me to finish the next one so that she has more company. I would like my body to function so that I finish the next one, lol! Hope that you are well xoxo

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