Living With RSD #4: Helpful Hydrotherapy & That Question

Dear Audy,

It is hot hot hot in Melbourne tonight…hitting temperatures over 40 degrees should be against the law or something…I don’t know about these laws of nature, I think they might need a little work.

And so, sweating, I bring you the latest exciting installment from my life with RSD:

Being able to stretch has helped a lot, with my ability to keep coping as well as with the pain. Well, the pain is kinda temperamental, it decided to flare in my left ankle in the pool today and kinda got in the way of the rest of my exercises…when something flares and goes super-hyper-sensitive, just being in the water is enough to aggravate the pain. Gotta put up with extra pain sometimes, though, in the name of retaining some sort of strength…

I’ve had some extra excitement this week when a lovely RSD-er stumbled upon one of my old poems on redbubble…in truth it was written years ago, before I’d ever heard of RSD, but was feeling pretty down. Re-reading it now it has taken on more meaning…having people to support you when you have RSD can make all the difference. An extra thank you to you all! It’s here if you wanna check it out.

Love & Nice Surprises,

P.S. I’ve been pretty creatively stumped lately, thanks to a heap of extra pain, especially in my hands, which I use to do all of my creating. I’m excited to have started the next imaginaiad today, hands are a bit tingly but keeping them moving slightly actually seems to be helping stave off the flare…typing is a little more straining though, over n out.

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