Living With Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy #3: From Crap To Crappier

Dear Audy,

Ugh, things have not been going well. My hip is killing me…stupid RSD. I really hope it’s just RSD, if I finally get ketamine infused and then find out they want to cut into my hip again, well, I, well, well…that would just plain suck. Sigh, when is the dealer gonna hand me an ace, already? I’m tired of playing these cards…

I think I need to play a little round of Pollyanna’s glad game, instead. She’s adamant that one can always find something to be glad about. Today I am glad that I have super thick curtains (it’s hot and they keep the sun out brilliantly), I am glad that I have some Lindt balls with my name on them and, most of all, I am glad that my prince is home to cook me dinner!

I have some pics of my icky, swollen ankle to post, but my camera has a flat battery…and I can’t be bothered waiting for it to charge. I’ll share them soon.

Love & Chocolatey Cheering,


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