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As part of Australia’s first National Pain Week, initiated by Chronic Pain Australia, I am pleased to announce my first live blogging extravaganza!

Communicating Beyond Chronic Pain be an interactive event including live streaming video, pre-recorded interviews and the opportunity to share your own stories or ask questions via live web chat.

This event is available for anybody to participate in and is completely free! Simply register your email address in the box below to receive a reminder beforehand, or show up on the day:

Date: July 29th 2011
Time: 12pm-1pm AEST

With many thanks to my wonderful guests:

Coralie Wales: Chronic Pain Australia
Gianna: Chronica
Jen M: Jen’s Story
Jen C: Follow Jen on Twitter!
The delightful Sue Wiltshire

Communicating Beyond Chronic Pain

Chronic pain impacts people in many more ways than simply the physical.

Communicating Beyond Chronic Pain will focus on coping with the social ramifications of living with chronic pain or illness. Communicating effectively has a remarkable ability to alleviate suffering, even in the face of constant pain.

During this session, you will hear personal stories from myself and others living with chronic pain about how pain has effected our social lives, friendships and relationships with family. We will discuss methods of coping and the benefits of finding ways to communicate the changes in your life to your loved ones.

Chronic pain can make us feel isolated, misunderstood and alone in our suffering. This session will help you to connect with people who understand what you are going through and introduce you to ways in which you can reach out and share support via the Internet.

You are not alone. Come along to this free cyber chat, from the comfort of your own home. Whoever you are, whether you want to share or simply watch and listen, whether you suffer chronic pain, or know someone who does, or simply want to learn…you are welcome here.

Any questions? Please feel free to email me:

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6 thoughts on “Live Chat!

  1. Skye

    Great work with this amazing web page, links and references. I bet you have already helped more people than you know.
    Your live chat sounds like such a great idea, and if finished at the doctors I will be here (or is it there…..?? Hehe..) for sure!

    Good luck
    xx Skye

    1. Gigi Prior

      Had to work and missed it. the time difference threw me off. I hope to be here next time. Let me know when! Thanks!

  2. Lyza Miller

    I am really bummed I missed the opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful thing. Your amazing and it’s such a mental relief to know there are other people out there that know how you feel and what your going thru. Takes the loneliness out of it

  3. Lian

    Hi everyone. sorry i missed today. i live in Melbourne and have full body crps top to bottom. Hopefully i can be at the next one. Good luck with your group . I look forward to get to know you all. Have a nice weekend and as pain free as possible.


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