Let’s Pelvic Twist Again, Like We Did Last Summer

Dear Audy,

Setbacks…oh setbacks, how I wish I could pack you all up, cement your feet and give you a ceremonious farewell off the Westgate Bridge. My twisted pelvis has turned out to be a much bigger problem than I expected. By the time I got to the Osteo on Monday, I could barely walk and had to be held up by my darling prince.

Apparently, the right side of my pelvis was twisted backwards and crushing a nerve on the left side. Yes, that is as painful as it sounds, especially when you add in the bonus that with CRPS, everything hurts about a zillion times more than it should. The Osteo gently straightened me out again. Pain was to be expected, being put back into place is as much of a disruption as being put out of place. Somehow, the pain associated with my recovery managed to exacerbate itself until it just about blew up my brain. My pelvis has twisted itself a little many times in the past, however I don’t remember it ever being this bad.

I ended up at the local GP, desperate for pain relief and came home with some much more effective pills than those I usually take to control my CRPS. The pain is a bit better today and I can hobble a little, but I can’t really be not laying down for more than ten minutes or so. I am getting pretty tired of my bedroom, especially considering that the shutter is broken and I can’t let the daylight in. I have been trying short stints on the couch, but it’s really hard to get ‘not in a lot of pain’, let alone ‘comfortable’.

20091203 Laying Down Collage

The extra incapacitation has been hard to deal with. I feel like I just get stable and set into rehab mode and then I get struck down before I can take very many steps forward. Quite literally, steps forward. I have a shiny new car parked in my garage that promised a whole new world of freedom and now my silly body is putting that on hold. I am trying not to be concerned about how long it will take me to recover from this little ‘turn’ and focusing on not going crazy. The pain was a little hysteria causing there for a while, I’m thankful that part is over. I’m also thankful that I have such a wonderful prince who is keeping me well fed and cared for. For someone who is stuck on their back, I’m pretty lucky.

All this laying down has given me some good reading time, that’s a positive. I’m all caught up on the blogs that I follow so that the posts I’m getting now are actually in date and I’m enjoying the slightly pretentious yet easily swallowed novel that I’ve been reading, “Disco Boy” by Dominic Knight. At times it’s a little too hard for me to even tilt my head up enough to use the laptop or read and at those times I’m escaping into musicland and actually paying attention to all this music that I’m usually enjoying in the background.

There’s one big piece of news keeping my spirits up – I got a new nephew yesterday! He arrived safely and everyone is doing well. I’ll hopefully be able to sit up long enough to get wheeled in tomorrow to meet the little guy. I’d post a pic, but we all know that newborns are pretty weird looking and mostly just adorable to their relations.

I’ve made the pleasant discovery of the Words With Friends app on my iphone. EVERYONE should join and play with me, I’d like that. You can friend me as Rellacafa.

Love, Struggles & Bubbas,

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  • 5 thoughts on “Let’s Pelvic Twist Again, Like We Did Last Summer

    1. jen

      oh hun, i know how you feel and i just want to give you a big hug right now. unfortunatly a *virtual hug* will have to suffice right now.
      its my other form of a *WOOT* for you at the moment.
      ttys babe XOXO

    2. Felicia

      Whats up with all the crazy crap that seems to be shoved in our direction huh? As if you need more than crps to complicate things. Its not like we ask for much really…and you have a new car to traipsee about in and cant use it cos of more set backs.
      I’m sending as many positive vibes and I can think up across the ditch to you, I think you deserve to cut a deal that includes just normal pain levels for Christmas. And the twisted pelvis…hmmm me has same problem with one bone higher than the other which is annoying me lately so I can kinda relate…I hope the osteo is able to bring yours round to a more normal position and quit the pain and disability it is creating.
      Give the bony wee lad a kiss from me, new borns are such amazing creatures, so small and yet so perfect…can you tell I’m a baby person lol.

      Take care Caf and I sincerely hope that your turn for a break (and I’m not meaning bones) comes soon. oxox

    3. Felicia

      and forgive me all my spelling/typing mistakes… poor infant, I didn’t mean to imply he was bony…bonny wee lad more like lol

    4. Tracey

      Even when writing of your pain, your words are filled with your wonderful positive energy and hope for the future… you are a true inspiration!

    5. suzanne stewart

      Hey Hayley….I finally got put on as a “regular” so I don’t have to come back the hard way every time..yay…thank you for the “effing hug” I really needed it…still do…Im such an ass…I ran out of my pain meds and im in the bathroom sick as a dog…im writing to you in between bouts of nausea and cramp…ugghh…sorry for the visuals…hey really thank you for sticking up for me..i cannot stand these people who think they are my best friend and then get mad if i dont write back every second of every day!! ugghh… i dont mind if its someone i know that gets upset with me…but some of the names i dont even know them..they are “friends” b/c of that group , you know? uggh..well, anyway hon…i hope that your pelvic pain gets better b/c that really sux!!! I’m so sorry..but the new nephew sounds wonderful…whats’ his name?? you’ll have to show a pic of YOU holding him on your lap…so you don’t drop the little guy,right/? LOL..love ya and hugs to you too!! suzyQ

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