Lalaini Finds Existence In The Face Of Pain Persistance

Dear Audy,

You know how pain is annoying? Pain is seriously annoying. I think we need to organise some sort of rally against pain…banish it….better yet…vanquish it! Nothing can return once it gets vanquished…I’m gonna need to change my name to Paf and wait for my long lost P-named sisters to show so we can make with the spell writing and get this thing into gear! (No, you have been watching too much Charmed…no you)

Oh Audy, I’m all doped up. My pain got a little bit nutty and kinda threw a hissy fit and now I’m waiting for blood tests and my ketamine infusion is on hold till we see what the blood has to say. It just better speak only good things or I’m gonna smack it in its stupid bloody face….

I thought my brain was fried and nothing new or exciting was going to come out of it…then yesterday I met Lalaini Liardet. In my head, I met her in my head (duh). In her patented one hand in her front pocket and the other in her back pocket pose I introduce to you….Lalaini Liardet


Lalaini is an eccentric 11-year-old. She cuts her own hair, each strand whenever she feels like it, which is whenever the strand vibes to her that it wants to be cut and she snips to the length it decides. Not surprisingly, she has a pretty wild do, but so far her mother has been incapable of stopping her daughter’s crazy hair antics (Lalaini does not think she’s crazy at all, she thinks her hair is exactly, precisely, perfect).

Lalaini (or Lala as she’d introduce herself) had a growth spurt over the last 6 months, however she hates to shop and doesn’t feel like her old clothes are done with. She is quite happy to spend the Summer with her tops not meeting her bottoms and her bottoms not meeting her shoes until the desire sets upon her to wear something different. She doesn’t know this yet, but she’s gonna have to figure out how to handle herself amongst ghosts….oooooooooooooooooo

Keep it real, Audy. The rappers reckon that’s a good way to keep it.

Love & Elephant Trunks,


P.S. I’ll send updates on Lalaini’s adventures as I hear from her…as I hear from her in my head…duh…

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  • 2 thoughts on “Lalaini Finds Existence In The Face Of Pain Persistance

    1. Karirose

      You have the best handle on dealing with pain that I have ever met. I have yet to get a grip on my own issues and do anything with any consistency and you are continually coming up with wonderful ideas and following through with them…. maybe I need your meds! LOL

      I think Lala is adorable. And I like her hair. I don’t meet anyone that interesting (or cute) in my head! No fair!

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your world with me. I appreciate it.

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