It’s Been A Busy Break

Dear Audy,

What a month! My world has been filled with a lot of things to do and resting to recover from doing the things. There’s also been a lot of change to process and that can be all consuming. I wasn’t planning a hiatus from blogging, it just sort of happened.

I have moved house. This stop is temporary on my way to my new, cripple friendly home. I was able to do so much more packing and actual moving of things than I was able to on previous moves since I’ve been living with CRPS. This is a huge achievement for me.


The pain has been flaring up in proportion to the extra activity I have indulged in, as expected, however I am managing it and not letting it stress me out, which is really about all I can ask from myself during a period of unsettlement. I have been able to refrain from going into an incapacitating flare, so I’m pretty happy with that!

I have been able to maintain going for a daily walk with the dogs, which has helped me to feel like I am getting some sort of fitness back. The fat pad issue really set me back in terms of exercise and I am so very glad that it has healed and isn’t bothering me anymore.

Life will start to calm down this week. I have a couple of months until my new house is ready to move into. I’m pretty sure that by the time I unpack all of my boxes I will have completely forgotten what I own. Yay for surprises!

Other than managing my pain, my days and my dogs, I don’t have any plans for the immediate future. I’ve had exactly zero motivation to write anything at all these past few weeks. I am hoping that now that I am here for a while, I’ll have the brain space to communicate and create again.

I feel kind of strange and blank right now. That’s alright. It’s easier to build something new from a blank slate, and I would very much like to build something new.

I’ll break out of this cocoon soon enough.

Love & Growing Wings,

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  • 3 thoughts on “It’s Been A Busy Break

    1. Sarah B.

      That was funny, I saw an old comment of yours and followed the link to see how you were doing and saw your previous post, then 40 mins later this one popped up. :)

      Sounds like you have been really busy, no wonder you don’t feel much like writing. I’m glad to hear you are taking good care of yourself, sometimes it feels like half the battle is with yourself. I have trouble making sure I do the ‘right’ things and don’t do the wrong things for my health.

      Take care.

      xx Sarah. B.

      1. Hayley Cafarella Post author

        LOL! That was perfect timing. It’s funny, a few weeks off from writing and I start to feel like my blog is getting obsolete…this internet thing moves quickly, it does! Thx for stopping by, I hope your pain is taking it easy on you (I have so much catching up to do, my RSS feed is choccas!) xx

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