In Love With She & Him

Dear Audy,

Oh, it has been a crappy 18 hours. For some reason, my knees have gone into a crazy flare. It’s extremely painful and I don’t really want to think about it, but I can’t concentrate on very much else. I am taking the pretty music escape route.

Now playing is She & Him Volume 2. Pretty, pretty, pretty. She & Him are Zooey Deschanel and Matt Ward (which feels weird to type because I know a guy by that name). Everything about their music is pretty: the instrumentals, the vocals, the gorgeous harmonies, the bittersweet lyrics…everything.


She & Him – Don’t Look Back from Merge Records on Vimeo.

Everyone should dance like that.

I think that if I could adopt the appearance and talents of anyone, it would be Zooey Deschanel. Not only does she have a stunning face, gorgeous figure and immaculate vintage style sense, but she sings like a bellbird in Spring. Somehow, she manages to be incredibly beautiful, yet humble; quirky, yet not oddball, just interesting.

Everything about her enchants and earns my respective envy. Her music and dresses alone are enough to draw my attention, it’s kind of easy to forget that she has also had a pretty amazing acting career. I love that She & Him don’t exploit that fact, their music really speaks for itself.

It doesn’t hurt that as a band, they look adorable and take lovely photographs.

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If you’ve not yet had the pleasure of bopping along to the melodies of She & Him, I thoroughly recommend going to iTunes right now and buying both of their albums. Right now. My favourites from Volume One are Change Is Hard and Sweet Darlin’. Frontrunners for Volume 2 include Thieves and Home. If you happen to share my girl crush, you can also find Zooey on Twitter and Tumblr.


Love & Girly Music Crushes,

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  • 9 thoughts on “In Love With She & Him

    1. Tamz

      I adore Zooey Deschanel. Loved her in Yes man when she sang so might grab She Him next time I’m on a music hunt.

      Do you think I could pull off a fringe like that? – @dynamitenerd on Twitter

      1. Caf Post author

        Oh, you totally could pull off that fringe!! I am jealous, I was staring at pics debating a fringe for a long time today, but then I remembered that they really don’t work on me and I have tried and learnt that lesson several times…I’ll probably forget it and try again one of these days 😉

    2. Carl Thompson

      I approve of Zooey Deschanel, and share your girl crush indeed.

      I’m not wanting to divert attention back to your painful knees, but I hope they get better soon!


      1. Caf Post author

        Thank you! Silly knees are getting better slowly, I can feel my pelvis now, it’s a little out of whack which will be causing the knee troubles. Today is better than yesterday…tomorrow will be even better. Just gotta wait it out 😉 x

    3. Tracey

      Oh yeah … I love Zooey, love the music of ‘She & Him’ … and most of all love her wardrobe and quirky personality … what a fascinating creation she is! (and so multi-talented)!! :)

      I hope you get relief from the pain soon …

      1. Caf Post author

        She is so ridiculously talented…talent hog!! 😛
        Thank you! My knees are slowly coming better, in an up and down and roundabout fashion, as usual, LOL! I just gotta laugh at the ridiculousness of my situation sometimes xx

    4. Jenn

      I so share your girl crush! I’m not a very good crush-haver though, because I didn’t even know about her band. So thank you! I knew she could sing because of Elf, but had never heard of She and Him. (What a cute name!) I am so excited to check it out.

      By the way, I love your blog and that’s why I left an award for you on mine. Go to the post titled “It’s A Major Award!” to find it. :)

      1. Caf Post author

        Thanks, Jenn! I absolutely adore Elf and she is so awesome in it. I am certain you will enjoy She & Him, it’s really hard not to 😛
        I am so flattered that you thought of me for an award, I shall head over and check it out today 😀 xx

    5. Pauline Vetuna

      Ah yes. Ms Deschanel. Talent hog indeed. I’m a particular fan of her acting work.

      When I was in rehabilitation in 2006 I was absolutely obsessed with M Ward, too. Transfiguration of Vincent played pretty much on loop in my hospital room.

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