Health Activist Award Nominations & Half Way Through My Blogging Challenge Celebrations

Dear Audy,

Today’s NHBPM challenge is to nominate bloggers for WEGO’s Health Activist 2012 Awards. I’m really glad this was included in the prompts, because blogging every day is exhausting and I’m not sure I would have remembered to submit nominations if not explicitly “given” the time.

Want to nominate your favourite health bloggers?! CLICK HERE
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There are too many brilliant bloggers who live with chronic pain and illness for me to list them all here. I’m a bit paranoid about leaving somebody out. I can’t seem to manage to play favourites; ranking things often makes me feel a bit silly. I even struggle to rate music in my personal iTunes collection, it could be said that my star system is not very systematic at all.

Sometimes, I just like to like stuff without that being relative to how much I like other stuff.
How do you quantify amount of liking anyway?

Here is a list of the whys I used to nominate the blogs that I managed to choose:

  • Honesty. Truth really is the most moving thing that a blogger can offer.
  • Skill. Most people can write, however writing well is a special skill. I appreciate few things as much as I appreciate an image that is perfectly constructed out of words.
  • Determination. It’s the focused bloggers that reach the furthest and the ones that push on through hard times that inspire me to do the same.
  • Being engaging. I love blogs that make me want to read properly and not just skim.
  • Check out the NHBPM Facebook event where you can find an awesome (what’s the collective noun for bloggers?) Whatever it is, there’s an amazing one of those on the other end of this link.

    Day 15 also marks the half way point for this 30 posts in 30 days challenge. Here’s a quick video update about how I’ve been coping with blogging every day and still managing my CRPS.

    Do you have trouble playing favourites, Audy? What are some of the blogs that help you to cope with chronic pain or illness? Don’t just tell me, go nominate them!

    Thanks so much to everybody that has been supporting me in the NHBPM challenge! If you like what I am doing, please share these posts with the people that you share things with or click that little thumbs up. It’s CRPS Awareness Month, which is why I’m choosing to disclose a little more about my health on a daily basis. The more awareness that we can raise, the easier it will get for people who are navigating the choppy waters of chronic pain.

    Love & A Half-way Dance,

    WEGO, CRPS Awareness Month, #NHBPM

    This post written as a part of National Health Blog Post Month, run by WEGO health. Check out what people have been contributing via #NHBPM on Twitter, or joining the NHBPM Facebook Event.

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