Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! …And Sleep.

Dear Audy,

Holy cow, when did Thursday happen?! This has been a very slow week for me, indeed. It’s all OK though, things are slow because I am still recovering from having a brilliant day on Saturday!!

In my last post, I mentioned the days of rest and preparation that are needed in order for me to have enough energy to go out for a few hours and have fun. At the moment, I am resting at the other end of adventure; it also takes days to recover!

After enjoying the pleasure of fun for fun’s sake last Wednesday. I went out for a little fun for special occasions’ sake on Saturday. Three special occasions, to be exact. That’s a lot and I knew that I was really going to be pushing myself to make it through the day. Knowing that meant that I was able to pace out my excitement (and caffeine) and get through the day without doing too much damage.

First stop was my nephew’s first birthday party. His mum had done a great job putting together a party for all his friends and relatives, complete with awesome train cake.

I wasn’t able to stay too long on account of my next stop, a BBQ birthday celebration in a sunny park, was all the way on the other side of the city.

I settled into my little automobile, cranked the air-conditioning (and the music, KT Tunstall was my singalong rockout star of choice for the trip) and tried to keep my body as relaxed as possible for the drive. Things went really well! It was, by far, the furthest that I had driven my car in a long time. The best part was that such a drive took me to see old and dear friends that I hadn’t been able to see in a long time! It can be hard to catch up with friends that are close to an hour away, but hopefully being more mobile will mean that I get to do it more often!

The drive home wasn’t as long and strenuous; I was able to break it up with one final birthday celebration for the day. The adorably excitable, Carly Findlay from Tune Into Radio Carly was kind enough to invite me along to dinner at the Docklands for her birthday. I met some of her fabulous friends and enjoyed a yummy dinner at the (almost) end of a big day.

My energy (3 cans of V worth) was running in short supply by the time our search for a nearby, decent bar to have an after dinner drink in proved fruitless (you need the fruit to make the wine to put in the decent bars that you also need, it’s very important, Docklands), I had to bid the birthday girl and her party adieu and get moving towards home. I was tired and sore by the time I got back to my car, but I got in, got my driving shoes and gloves on and focused on staying relaxed and remembering all the fun I’d had as I rode the quiet freeway home.

Where I promptly went flop. A well deserved flop. A flop that has continued ever since!

The recovery has been painful and a bit boring as my brain has not been running at full speed. I’m alright with that, though, just think of all the things I was able to do in one day! Going full pelt and needing to rest so much isn’t a sustainable way of planning my life, but sometimes it’s necessary and I’m so happy to think that I might be able to cope with those days again. Coping has just taken on a bit of a different meaning, it’s no longer grouped in with the impossible.

I shall continue my week of recuperation as I, once again, want to go out and enjoy myself this coming Saturday. Haha, six days between activities isn’t all that long, really… 😉

Love & Well Paced Good Times,

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  • 8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! …And Sleep.

    1. Kathryn

      Oh, Caf…..we are sooooo human! I’ve done the same thing….choosing to ‘overdo’ hoping and praying that I don’t pay for it the next day, week, etc. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. However, during the event of ‘overdoing it’, it sure feels nice to feel, well, ‘normal’ and it sometimes takes our minds off of our chronic pain. Distractions are good. But the pacing part remains a challenge. Let’s keep on keeping on, ok?

      1. Caf Post author

        The pacing part can be so hard! But you’re right, we’ll keep on keeping on. December is the month of lots to do, I’m so glad that I’m finding ways to participate – it has been a hard time of year previously. The fun things make such better memories than avoiding everything, even if they hurt sometimes ;P xx

      1. Caf Post author

        Me too! LOVE her, I actually thought I was alone in my devotion, lol! I was on a Telescope/Drastic/Tiger Megamix, I do like the surprise factor of a shuffle! I’m loving Tiger Suit though, as far as I’m concerned every album has been better than the last 😀 xx

      1. Caf Post author

        You’re so welcome! I very much like that pic too and had a lot of fun meeting and eating with you & your friends!! xx

    2. Tracey

      Wow, just look at that cake!! :)

      Sounds (and looks like) you and Carly had a lovely time … I’m sure that leaves you entirely deserving of a bit of a ‘flop’.

      Take care.

      1. Caf Post author

        It’s a winner alright! Last birthday (for my niece, clearly my one year old nephew had no previous birthdays, except the actual one, lol! Why don’t we get cake for that? Those mums deserve cake) there was a castle cake and I think she’s done a spider one as well. The old classic cakes are so cool!!

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