Happily Buggered

Dear Audy,

It’s hard to believe that an entire week has gone by since Communicating Beyond Chronic Pain. Expending energy in the manner that I did to prepare for that session can certainly take me a while to recover from!

Thanks so much to everybody who attended and participated! Also a huge thanks to those who have had a look at the replay and left comments. If you were unable to attend the session, please feel free to click through and have a look at the replay, which includes all of the webchat as well as the videos.

I am very pleased with how it all came together. I haven’t taken on such a demanding project in a while, which is why it felt demanding at all. I spent a lot of time editing down the interview footage and learnt a lot of things about how to make it easier for myself to take on another project like this in the future.

As well as running my blogging extravaganza last Friday, I took an early whirlwind trip into the city to be a guest on ABC Radio National’s Life Matters. The topic was “Breaking the silence on pain”, you can listen here. It was wonderful to be a part of the session on raising awareness about chronic pain itself, Chronic Pain Australia and National Pain Week. I have received some very lovely feedback, but pretty much have no idea what I said. I shall have to have a re-listen! After recording I had to rush back home for CBCP.

I well and truly wore myself out preparing for the session last week and have had to take some time out to look after me. My thinker doesn’t think too good when it’s tired!

This week, I have been doing a lot of resting, interspersed with a few fun activities. I went to see Harry Potter in gold class for a special treat with my feet up, indulged my wardrobe and bookshelves with some online shopping and bopped along to the delightful sounds of Noah & The Whale at The Corner Hotel.

I currently need my cane to get around on my dodgy foot (it’s not plantar faciitis, but I’ll explain what it is in another post). This has made going out a little bit more daunting and difficult, as well as exhausting, however not impossible and it does feel wonderful to have had some fun for fun’s sake.

This is what I look like when I am tired but happy…

Things I have not been doing this week include: replying to emails/comments; jumping rope; reading blogs; hunting rabbits; paying attention to the news; casting spells; returning phone calls; riding velociraptors; making appointments/plans and…basically anything that involves complicated thought.

Instead of pushing myself too hard, I shall just sort of nudge my way toward productivity whilst taking regular breaks to tune out with colourful but simple TV such as: The Glee Project, Platinum Hit, Project Runway, Switched At Birth, Pretty Little Liars, The Nine Lives Of Chloe King and pretty much any dorky abc family TV movie. Yeah, I do plan on watching Mean Girls 2…

I’ll get back to more regular and interesting blogging as I regain strength and keep adapting to function around my fragile foot.

Love & Recovery,


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      1. Hayley Cafarella Post author

        Thanks Rachel! I’m still trying to reconnect with my life, it’s all been a bit haphazard lately. I’m moving house over the next few months, my new house isn’t quite ready for me so I have to move twice and live out of boxes while I housesit at my parents for a while…I am going to miss my (semblance of) stability but can’t wait to settle in after the transition, trying to stay focused on that :) x

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