Good Things Are Always Happening

Dear Audy,

November seems to be passing by at hyper speed, much the way that October did. Life can often seem static and speedy at the same time. Dealing with the pain of CRPS can be ever so monotonous, but it’s necessarily so. Pushing myself too hard or too fast causes my fragile strength-retaining dams to burst and spill my energy all over the floor. I have to pace, rest and pace, even when I am bored of the same old, same old. Good things are happening though, Audy, good things are always happening.

The best addition in my life in recent weeks has been air-conditioning. Well, the appliance itself has been patiently awaiting Summer since I moved here, but only lately have I needed to turn it on. Melbourne weather has reverted to the fluctuating craziness that I remember from my primary school days. Australia went so long without proper seasons that a rainy day takes me straight back to the days of wet day timetables. I was probably one of the few kids who actually liked those. I never minded staying inside, reading or colouring while the raindrops sprinkled over the playground.

Poor Sammy, he can’t read or colour-in and he doesn’t like wet day timetables at all.

These days, a rainy day often means a painy day, especially when it’s warm and stormy and so dreadfully humid. I’ve still struggled with the seasonal transition, however having air-conditioning available makes such a difference! I wake up pretty sore, but I have a means of cooling and calming down, even with the air all sticky, and that ability to retreat is alleviating a lot of my pre-Summer stress.

I’m pretty proud of myself right now, Audy. In spite of all the recent and daily flaring, I have been getting myself organised. I’ve been organising files and accounts and the general boring paperwork that builds up over time. The nicest part of it all is that I haven’t had the brain power to concentrate and get on top of all of this for a very long time. Finding more hours when I am thinking clearly is a good sign that I am handling the CRPS more effectively and keeping my anxiety down. Anxiety increases pain, increases anxiety, decreases ability to think. Keeping both down is the only way that I know to move forward – and I like moving forward.

Rellacafa has taken a few steps forward, too! Along with the visual makeover, I’ve cleaned out the cluttered categories. With my interests and activities so prone to change, I realise that I might interest you sometimes and bore you at others. For example, if you like reading my book reviews, but aren’t as interested in my ramblings about daily life, you can now subscribe to the RSS feed just for the review category (at the top of the category page).

I’ve explored the wonderful world of plugins (now that I know what one is) and pimped my posts with Facebook Like and other social media sharing options; if you read a post and don’t really feel inclined to comment, but liked what you saw, now you can give me a thumbs up (adding thumbs up as a response all over the internet is one of the best things Facebook has ever done!). Also added is CommentLuv, which I believe will post a link to your last blog post when you comment…we’ll find this out next comment! My favourite discovery was that I can generate a blogroll through Google Reader, which will make it much easier to keep it updated. It’s as simple as putting a blog in or out of a folder when I choose to add one that I’ve been following, or remove one that is defunct. My additions might seem childish to the technically mature, however learning and applying all of this has been a fun adventure for me! It’s nice to learn new things.

Being productive has meant taking a lot of time to do Feldenkrais. It can be hard to keep motivating myself to get down on the floor to do an exercise when I am sore and tired, however the more I do this, the less sore and tired I get, so I will definitely be keeping it up! The more that I practise comfortable movement, the more I find myself incorporating it into my daily activities and the more easily I am able to recover from flares.

To get through the boring, sitting around and resting parts of the day, I have been enjoying some light entertainment. Very light. After catching up on the latest eps of 90210, I am enjoying the bright colours and corny storylines of the short-lived 10 Things I Hate About You TV series. I know! I didn’t even know they made a TV series either. I will say this – it’s not as bad as you’d expect. The cast is mostly terrible, but there are some pretty funny one-liners and pop culture references that make me giggle. Book wise I’ve been sleaze reading the adventures of Sookie Stackhouse. Not quite review worthy, but easily entertaining nonetheless! In movie world I recently enjoyed How To Train Your Dragon… so, you can see, I’ve been giving the brain a lot of vaycay time to compensate for forcing it to do productive things. I think I’m starting to get better at that whole life balance thing.

Love & Raindrops,

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  • 6 thoughts on “Good Things Are Always Happening

    1. rob

      Rainy days for me now means kids stupidly run around in the rain and then they all smell for the rest of the day. Damn Kids – (shakes fist)

      1. Caf Post author

        Yay! Ya, I am very excited for December!! Thanks for commenting, so glad to see the Commetluv working (understanding plugins win!) xx

    2. Suzanne Stewart

      Hi Caf,
      I LOVE your blog as you always have fun and interesting things to teach me/Us,tell me/us, discuss/w-me/us!!! I really hope you give private lessons on those “plug ins” because I dont have a clue what you mean and I want to try it too!…love you gf….my bff from afar!! xo Suz Q

      1. Caf Post author

        Thanks Suzy!! I don’t know if blogger works the same with plugins, I’m using wordpress and have forgotten what blogger is like! Email me if there’s something in particular that you’d like to add, I’ll still try to help :)

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