Friday Favourites: March 9th 2012

Dear Audy,

I have been doing really well this week. My body isn’t totally done with Summer flaring, however the effects have been greatly reduced. I am managing further drives and more housework and attempting to pace these out so that I have enough time for recovery. Managing chronic pain is a full time job!

Like most people who work all day, I like to take breaks and read the Internet. Here are the most interesting blog posts that entered the blogosphere this week, enjoy!

Note: I did not actually read the whole internet, so this is a collection from my Google Reader.

Perception is a funny thing…


It’s All About Perception
from The Girl Behind The Dress

I first came across Carly on Twitter and I have been enjoying following her blogging adventures for some time now. I love the way she writes honestly about life and the challenges she’s facing. This post is about perception in regards to body image.

I can relate a lot to this as I have spent a good portion of my time with CRPS attempting to change various perceptions (pain is a perception). It’s a strange time of the journey when you start to become aware of your emotions being influenced by skewed perception, but still struggle to catch your thoughts in time to change the outcome.

Kudos to Carly for not only recognising the habits that she would like to change, but for recognising that these changes take time, work and courage. You go, girl!

Love the skin you’re in. Love the skin others are in.
from Tune Into Radio Carly

Carly Findlay has written a wonderful post on appearance and how this external thing effects the ways that people treat one another on a personal level.

“They [people] assume that looking the way I do is a burden (forgetting that the burden is actually the pain of the condition) and that I may not be achieving all that I am. And as you know, I am so very happy with life and all that I’ve done so far.” -Carly Findlay

Go and have a read of this post, it might just help you to stop assuming things about others, based on their appearance. Looks are such a flimsy indication of anything. We’d all be better off for a little less judging of one another and a little more appreciation of differences.

The real reason why it’s so hard to get your Australian novel published.
from Call My Agent

I loved the blunt honesty in this post. If Australian writers want and industry that is thriving enough to publish books, then Australians need to buy books written by Australians. It’s about supporting your own, local industry, and I can support that 100%.

It’s more than just pain…
from Living With CRPS/RSD

Jackie is a blogger from New Zealand who writes about her life with CRPS. This post is about some of the aspects of living with chronic pain that aren’t always obvious to those that haven’t experienced them. For those who do live with chronic pain, I am sure you will be able to relate to this as much as I did.

Windows into pain.
from Body in Mind

What happens when the pain researcher becomes the pain patient? Lorimer Moseley is finding that out. As much as I am sorry to hear about anybody experiencing chronic pain, I think that this is a fascinating situation and I am very interested to see how it unfolds and how the experience of chronic pain fits (or doesn’t) with theories and research.

Staying inspired is the best way to get through the hard time and make the most of the less hard times. What has inspired you to think and ponder this week?

That’s all from me! If you missed my video update from yesterday, you can find it here.

Love & Fist Bumps,

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