Friday Favourites: March 23rd 2012

Dear Audy,

My nervous system has gone into full free freakout mode today, I think the only part of me that isn’t currently hurting is my brain, which isn’t exactly fair considering that that’s the part that is malfunctioning and hurting the rest of me. Oh, you are so silly sometimes body!

I am persisting with the voice dictation software. I am quickly realising how much it actually helps and how much stress that I’ve been putting my fingers through just because I was a little bit hesitant to put in the work that it will take to train my brain to connect to my mouth in the same way that it sends words through my hands. Hopefully, finally biting that bullet will help me to stay on track with my writing endeavours even when I can hardly move at all.

Unfortunately, voice dictation software doesn’t do anything to help the mind confusion that is caused by a misfiring nervous system. If somebody could please invent brain enhancing software/pills (and you can just go ahead and use the movie Limitless as a starting off point) then I would be exceptionally thankful. C’mon, Science!


I haven’t been up for reading very much this week, but here are some posts that managed to penetrate through my brain fog and inspire me in different ways…

It’s probably not a co-incidence that the theme here is finding the little things to enjoy during tough times!

Glimmer Of Hope
on Nicole Hemmenway

A short post that reminded me that even when days are seeming particularly dark, time will keep passing and eventually the light will shine back in.

Simple Acts Of Radical Noticing
on Crazy Sexy Life

A great article on the benefits that practising mindfulness can bring into the stressful lives of people striving in the modern world. Once you start noticing things, all sorts of things, life starts to reveal the wonders that have been hiding behind lifetimes of assumptions.

Snapshots Of The Sublime In Fire And Ice
on Paining Jane

A beautifully descriptive and inspiring story about putting pain aside and enjoying the things in life that truly make us happy.

It’s the little Successes
on CRPS & Me

This post celebrates the small things that can still be achieved and enjoyed despite living with chronic pain. Changing our attitudes about what counts as a win can make that feeling of winning a much more common thing.

That’s it from me for this week, it’s time to go back to resting, Feldenkrais, deep breaths and preparing for the weekend. It’s a big weekend of birthday parties for me, whilst I’m looking forward to these, the condition of my body right now has me thinking that I might not be able to celebrate with as much gusto as I’d hoped. Oh well, I shall do my best, smile as much as possible and remember that I have all of next week to recover from this wonderful month of March madness.

Love & Sparks Of Dwindling Energy,

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  • 2 thoughts on “Friday Favourites: March 23rd 2012

    1. Ross

      Sorry your having a rough time with your pain at the moment. I have to agree with you in the area of brain freakout! I’ve just getting over a bout of it over the last couple of days. Seems like when I want to write then my mind goes crazy leaving me in a fog unable to think the way I’d like to. I hope everything returns to a calmer state soon for you.

      1. Hayley Cafarella Post author

        Hi Ross, the brain fog is definitely one of the hardest things to deal with, it’s even hard to figure out the physical parts of pain management when the thing in control of it all is freaking out! Here’s hoping that the brains calm down all around, life is so much more interesting when I can process the thing that are going on around me 😉 xx

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