Friday Favourites: February 24th 2012

Dear Audy,

As it is Friday and this is the interwebs, I thought I’d share five of my favourite posts from this week in blogosphere. Enjoy the surf!


In no particular order….

Media Release: Ride to raise awareness for chronic pain
on Body In Mind

People with chronic pain tend to have mixed feelings about events that aim to raise funds or awareness through some sort of group physical activity. Some people love that any raising is going on at all, others are forlorn that they are physically incapable of participating. I think that both of these viewpoints are perfectly valid. What I found interesting about this announcement of The University of South Australia’s Ride For Pain event was this quote:

“The first time I rode up Corkscrew Road I thought, there are so many metaphors here. You’ve got to be patient, you can’t go too hard, you’ve got to be courageous … all the things I required to get up that hill were what people with chronic pain require on a longer, tougher basis. Chronic pain is often still seen as socially unacceptable, with the topic swept under the carpet in much the same way as depression was, until recently.  We shouldn’t be looking at people with chronic pain as malingerers and fragile; we should be looking at them as tough and courageous and with potential to get better.” – Lorimer Mosely

I can kind of see the genius in creating an opportunity for others to metaphorically (and a little bit physically) experience our pain as a method of creating awareness of such an unimaginable state of being.

20 Simple Ways to Stoke Your Self-Confidence
on Pick The Brain

There are plenty of self help articles out there on the net, I loved this one because it’s written with this in mind:

“Your identity is not locked to the past, to your parent’s expectations or demands, to your past failures, to your current view of yourself. Your identity is something that you can create every single day. Once you realize that, your self-confidence will begin to ignite.” – Barrie Davenport, Pick The Brain

Overloaded and Under-fuelled: A case study
on That Paleo Guy

Those who have been following this blog for a while will know that I trialled a Paleo diet back in September last year and I haven’t looked back since. It’s the most satisfying approach to human diet that my logical mind has ever encountered. There are a few aspects of eating that are hard to get one’s head around as the knowledge flies in the face of conventional wisdom. This case study explores what can happen when people drastically cut the amount they eat and simultaneously increase the amount they exercise, and also why so many who use this method end up burning out.

My MindBodyGreen Post: 4 Benefits to Being Imperfect
on Going Down Swinging

Maria is one of my favourite bloggers, her determination has inspired so much of mine in learning to cope with CRPS. I can relate a lot to this post, I too have been guilty of trying so hard to be perfect at everything that it was paralysing my ability to take on new challenges and lessons. Learning to let go of “shoulds” was a huge breakthrough for me.

The Stigma(s) of Mental Illness
on Neuroskeptic

This article is fascinating, I had never really thought about stigma about mental illness differing so much depending on the particulars. I mean, it absolutely makes sense, it had just never occurred to me before.

Have a wonderful weekend, Audy!

Love & Linkage,

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