Friday Favourites: 2nd March 2012

Dear Audy,

It’s been a whirlwind of a week, not in the heaps of stuff happening way, but in the sense that time has been swirling past in a blur. I’ve been busy dealing with some pretty nasty flares and turning to distractions when my pain management techniques fall short of getting me moving again.


One of my favourite distractions is reading blogs! Here are five outstanding posts from this week:

Be Willing To Suck At It
on Crazy Sexy Life

I love this author’s attitude about learning. The truth is, when we first do something, we often suck at it, but we don’t have to perceive that as a bad thing. I once spent too much of my life only wanting to do things that I was good at, things that would result in compliments and recognition due to the sheer awesomeness of my ability to do them. I thought that many talents were born into people, things like drawing, singing, dancing and writing.

All the down time that came along with developing CRPS had me re-evaluate this perspective. I practised drawing and discovered that I could quite quickly get better at it by simply dropping the idea that I should be able to do it already (magically).

I also began singing as a form of stress release and have improved quite a lot. I’m not about to sing for you just yet, however I have noticed that over time my brain begins to connect the nervous system patterns that make creating particular sounds possible and that I can cultivate these into better sounding songs.

You can be sure that I majorly sucked at both of these pursuits before chronic pain, now they are things that I can enjoy and ways that I can continue to grow despite so many aspects of my life being stalled.

Small Victories Are Big Victories
on Painfully Optomistic

Ross is a fellow traveller on the journey through life with CRPS. He has been through a lot in the past 12 months (surgeries and setbacks) yet his positive attitude still shines through in his writing.

Small victories are one of the biggest things in the life of a person with chronic pain, it’s important to take some time to recognise this, lest we get caught up in the smaller struggles of day to day life.

from Kisses From The Fight

Jess writes in a heightened style that always plays beautifully through my eyes and mind. This is, by far, the saddest topic that I read about this week, yet that’s what makes it so amazingly touching.

The effects of chronic illness on the ability to have a family burdens many young women who live with pain. Sometimes, the choice is just taken away and sometimes the risks are simply too high.

“Babies and the possibility of not having them is rarely discussed. it is less spoken about when it’s the young. And even less again in the young and Chronically Ill. But this is my reality now. I am faced with complete heartbreak and uncertainty, as my body fails in me in the worst way yet. I am ok that my body has tried to kill me. I am not ok that it is trying to kill my future.” – Jess, Kisses From The Fight

Celebrate Your Successes
on Dream Delight Inspire

Counting the little things isn’t just for sick people, everybody can benefit from a little alteration in perspective. It’s too easy to get bogged down in the bad of something, however often when we step back to examine the bigger picture, we see that we’re still moving forward.

Chronic Pain Hope – Brain Changes can be Reversed

This article contains some great information about Central Sensitisation and the hope that it can be reversed. The gist of this piece falls in line with the reason that I practise Feldenkrais.

If I keep tipping the pain scale toward the lower end, then eventually the healthier patterns of movement will strengthen and overtake the malfunctioning habit that is chronic pain. I have made a lot of improvements, all small and all slow, but all amounting to a huge changes in how I use my nervous system and a brighter future ahead.

Have you read something interesting or entertaining this week, Audy? What sort of writing topics and styles do you find inspirational?

Love & Cocoa Beans,

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    1. Ross

      Thanks! I’m happy that you find my post so good. Small victories lead to even bigger victories. I’d like to say that your blog is outstanding as well and that you inspire a lot of people to keep going. Hope your weekend has been great and a little less painful.

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