Frankie Magazine with added Me!

Dear Audy,

This week, something massively exciting happened at just the time that I needed it most. Those who read my last post would probably have noticed that I have been struggling a little bit of late. Nothing particularly awful happened, some weeks are easier to deal with than others that’s all. I needed a bit of a boost and thankfully, the perfect thing arrived in my mailbox!

It’s my favourite magazine, has been for years… And this month I am in it!!


Each issue, Frankie includes a feature titled “Everybody has a story”. In issue 47 I am that story. How exciting! I’m so grateful to Stella for putting this article together. I have long wanted to share my story to help raise awareness about CRPS and chronic pain in general. I am so happy with the tone and message of the article that I could bounce off a wall or two.

I wanted people to know the pain doesn’t have to be a death sentence; millions of people live with every day. Not just survive, but live. Probably some of the people you know – not everybody with chronic pain likes to talk about it. Not everybody with chronic pain is even aware that what they live with is a real condition that is shared by so many. Some of those people feel isolated and maybe just a little bit like they are going crazy. I am so pleased and proud to have had this opportunity to help raise awareness.

I would love it ever so much if you check out the article in Frankie, you can get a copy from wherever you usually buy magazines or online here: Frankie Press Online Shop

So yeah, a magazine feature? Total mood boosting magic shot.

Also helping me put myself back together this week were my lovely friends who sent me messages, called me up and came to visit. You are all wonderful!

I’m starting to feel like my old self again. I’m starting to feel able to cope with the pain fluctuations and resultant time spent managing them again. I’m still terribly behind with things like inboxes, however I will tackle these little by little and slowly catch up with my online world. Wheeee!

Do you like to read blogs and vote for things? If so, I have the perfect opportunity for you! Voting is currently open for the Sydney Writers’ Centre Best Blogs of 2012 Peoples Choice Award. I would be most honoured if you wanted to vote for Rellacafa, but please also check out the other amazing writers that you will find on the list and send some love to your favourite Aussie bloggers! Click here to get started.
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Oh, and while I am pimping myself… Have you liked the Rellacafa page on Facebook? Please do! I’d love to interact with you there. You can also find me on Twitter, YouTube, and now Instagram. No need to be shy, I promise to be friendly (unless, of course, you get creepy and then I get creepy and we get into a freaky creep off).

Self pimping complete.

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend, Audy! I will do my best to keep regaining my strength and hopefully get back to regular posting next week, including sharing my favourite gems from the blogosphere on Fridays.

Love & Promos,

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  • 12 thoughts on “Frankie Magazine with added Me!

      1. Hayley Cafarella Post author

        Thanks so much, Jackie!! Sending hugs and strength for the week ahead, been reading your posts and sounds like you are coping with a lot at the moment – you go girl! :) xx

    1. Hayley

      Read your article in frankie which is how i stumbled here. I have Myalgic Encephalopathy and had it since i was 21. Ive accepted it as you rightly said life doesnt owe us anything… You think when you get unwell how unfair it is. But life isnt fair and there are many ppl suffering in the world, through a multitude of ways. You just gotta enjoy what youve got. I think the hardest thing is sharing that info with others. They just wonder how you can get better when you are over that…its the lack of understanding from others thats the hardest. That said its been a long journey to get to a point myself!

      1. Hayley Cafarella Post author

        Thanks so much for finding me and commenting! I meet a lot of people with M.E. through this blog, it seems that so much of our daily lives are relatable, even when the chronic illness is different. Accepting it is such a journey that we should probably get a medal at the end 😛 I am grateful for what I’ve learnt along the way, even though I’d have preferred to not be sick at all, wouldn’t we all?! I hope that you are having a low pain day, it’s always so lovely to meet others that not only understand what living with chronic pain is like, but who also share my perspective when it comes to coping. Thank you :)

    2. Hayley

      I dont have too much pain which is good but its amazing how other things can completely debilitate you. Leave you with not a lot.

    3. Katrina

      Darling Hayley, I nearly cried reading your article in Frankie. I also have CRPS and it is not easy. A few years ago I broke my ankle and was diagnosed with CRPS within a few months of the injury. Trying to get my head around what it was and trying to explain to family and friend what it was was not easy. I became obsessed with trying to fix something that could not be fixed. Medical Specialists, alternative therapies, 30k worth of medical bills, time off work etc. I tried it all, I had to or I thought I would lose my mind. After 18 months of the pain” that never goes away” I was at my lowest point. A GP gave me a relaxant to help me sleep and my recovery slowly started. Sleep was amazing. Things became more manageable. I felt a little calmer, more social, and more focused to try and manage it. I started to learn what my limits were. I understood that I couldnt have a social life like I did, or go out in the sun because it hurt, or watch the news because it made me sad, or be active. I have to be extra careful with my movement so i do not make things worse, be around calm people and avoid stressful situations but it is what it is. I have it now and it is a part of me. CRPS is tough and the pain does not ease up but i find that having your head in the right space is key. To be around positive friends, watch funny tv shows, appreciate the beauty in so many things and to be rested is key to me for managing my CRPS. I think you are great for talking about it and I wish you all the best.

      1. Hayley Cafarella Post author

        Hi Katrina, thanks so much for your comment! My apologies for the huge delay in response time, a period of being unwell, coupled with a malware attack have made blogging far more difficult in recent weeks. Thanks for sharing your story and experiences, learning to live with CRPS is such a strange and difficult thing. Just when I have some methods in place that help, everything gets thrown up in the air again! Thankfully the lessons stick and eventually I figure I will be wise enough to not go getting upset about things anymore, at least that’s a part of my condition that I can work on ;P I hope that you are doing well and finding lots of distractions! It is so lovely to hear from people who understand what living with CRPS is like :) xx

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