Finding Ways To Manage Challenging Days

Dear Audy,

If you happened to tell me that my hands are actually some pork sausages that you’ve been frying up for brunch, I’d probably believe you.

CRPS is doing what it loves to do in the second half of Summer – scorch me all the way through my nervous system. Air conditioning helps a lot, but time is really the only thing that can bring my body out of a flare this vicious.

The symptoms are worst in my hands, however my feet and ankles aren’t very much further down the pain scale. I’ve so far managed to keep a level head; to be calm despite the raging war in my nervous system. Anger and frustration can’t do anything to help me with this.

Sadness mills about, though, tugging at me with the things I’d planned to do today and have had to cancel on.

When I felt the intense pain flow in with waking consciousness this morning, I knew that my plans for the day would need to be greatly altered. As I fumbled through making coffee, I resigned myself to doing the best that I could. The reality of living with chronic pain is that some days are just plain more incapacitating than others.

It’s difficult to overcome such days, but not impossible.

I feel bound when CRPS symptoms hijack me like this. Like an evil kidnapper tied me up and left me to suffer in an abandoned storage garage, removed from the world that I so revel in being a part of.

Feeling helpless is a dreadful thing. So, I’m not doing that. This flare will pass and until it does, I can manage it.

I’m composing this post on my iPhone, taking advantage of the touchscreen, only needing to use my thumbs rather than all my finger joints & the taps saved by predictive text. Smart phones really can be a smart way out of a pickle. I can now sync my Pages documents so that I can work on things in little chunks on days like today.

This is a nice development. Thanks, Technology! I’ve never quite found a groove with voice recognition software, the channel that runs from my brain to my fingers always seems to have much clearer signal than the one going from my brain to my mouth.

I’m slowed and I am sore, but I’m not stopping.

Well, maybe I am stopping right now, but only for a rest as this still isn’t a pain free task. However, I can switch between rest & documents today by simply unlocking my phone and I’m hoping that allows me to still make some movement in my writing projects.

It’s good to stay a bit connected, staves off total de-conditioning and that’s worth finding a work around to the painful obstructions.

Love & Solutions,

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  • 5 thoughts on “Finding Ways To Manage Challenging Days

    1. Jackie

      Sorry to hear you are having a flare up….. I am not sure how I would cope without my iPhone and iPad and especially my book seat that holds the iPad…. Hope you feel better soon :)

      1. Hayley Cafarella Post author

        Hi Jackie, sorry for such a delay in replies! I have a bookseat too, HOW AWESOME ARE THEY?! I would love an ipad, it’s on my wishlist. I’m still seriously impressed with Pages on my phone, it’s much easier to type when I don’t have to move anything more than my thumbs. I hope that you are keeping well! :) xx

    2. Ross

      Keep fighting my friend! Each day that you fight against the condition that we have will only make you stronger in that fight! CRPS will not and can not win because we will always find a way to push forward. On those days where the flares are bad you just have to dig in and know that better days are ahead!

    3. Tracey

      I’m sorry to hear that the horrors of summer haven’t been helping you … bring on some of that cool air from winter, I say! :)

      I hope you’re resting easy my friend.

      1. Hayley Cafarella Post author

        Thanks, Tracey! Summer is always the hardest season for me, which can be frustrating is it is the one with the most fun stuff to do. I’ll take function over fun stuff though ;P Definitely looking forward to Winter :) xx

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