Feldenkrais For Free, A Fabulous Opportunity!

Dear Audy,

How fast the Summer has passed!! Here we are already, all Autumnal and ready to change with the seasons. We’re ready to change with the seasons, right? Well, you can stay comfy and rigid if you like, but I’m ready to keep growing, changing and finding ways to alleviate my pain. A decidedly uncomfortable journey, but one that I’ve been on long enough to be able to see that this tunnel through my life has a gradual incline, no matter how dark and deep it seems.

It’s normal to feel pooped out and overwhelmed sometimes.

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Us children-of-the-modern-day might be predisposed to expecting reactions and results instantly (remember when you had to actually catch someone at a stationary phone to get their input? When you had to wait weeks for a letter?), but real change takes time, dedication and a willingness to challenge one’s limitations repeatedly. You can’t just get all motivated one day and expect what you begin to go forth on its own inertia.

I was recently forced to sit and watch my old vlogs in order to piece together a timeline of my life with chronic pain. It wasn’t easy, there is a lot of pain and trauma associated with many of those memories; pain that I could see playing across my face in the recordings (not to mention the horrifying realisation that some of my older videos have gone weird and I need to re-upload them).

The wonderful aspect of this painful task was being able to realise how far I have come in the last twelve months. I have gone from always using walking aids to very rarely needing them. I have gone from never being able to prepare meals or do housework to finding ways to pace these into my life again, without the dreaded flares that held me back before. I have gone from only being able to digest mindless television shows to once again craving complexity in both viewing and reading material.

Most importantly, I have found belief that my pain need not be a life sentence and that I am in control of my recovery. Nope, no religious epiphany, nor a magic medicine is behind my realisation. The change has come from self-empowerment and I owe thanks for that to Feldenkrais.

It’s wonderful to feel liberated and capable!

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You might remember this post that I wrote, almost a year ago, in regards to a Feldenkrais workshop that I had participated in, instructed by Tahnee Woolf. I have been working with Tahnee in weekly one-on-one Feldenkrais sessions that, along with a lot of hard work at home, have literally changed my life.

I attribute all of my progress in the past year to learning about my body as a connected whole and exploring those connections. Lessons that have come directly from Feldenkrais sessions and also from the reading that I have felt motivated to do in order to understand how it is that I am able to make these dramatic changes in how I move.

Feldenkrais helps to teach the brain comfortable patterns of movement and can be so unexpectedly effective as to give noticeable relief of pain and stiffness in a single session; relief that can be prolonged through repetition and dedication. I now have a weapon with which to dull my own flares, without medication – a situation that I once believed impossible.

Fantastically, Tahnee Woolf is offering a couple of FREE online Feldenkrais classes. Classes that you can join no matter where you are in this wide, wide world. These are coming up next week and you can enrol here. Yes, FREE. Absolutely without payment or obligation.

You can tune into an online class, give it a go and see for yourself if you feel any relief. If you feel even the tiniest bit better, then repeating the experience and learning more will help that feeling to come back and hang around longer. For those who wish to continue, Tahnee is also taking enrolments for an upcoming, paid, 5 week course. If you try the free class and don’t feel any different and don’t want to continue, then you have lost nothing.

You know that ProActiv ad where Katy Perry claims that she has the secret (ProActiv) and that she’s the kind of person who likes to share secrets? How about the one where Jessica Simpson shares the same secret? The one where Avril Lavigne attributes her acne clear up to ProActiv rather than the obvious passage of time since puberty? Those are what you call big fat paid for lies.

What you are now reading is not a sponsored post. I’m not being paid to write this: Feldenkrais lifted the curtain off healing abilities that I didn’t even know I had. Tahnee Woolf has guided me from shattered, hopeless patient to empowered human being. There is nothing mystical or religious about Feldenkrais – it’s not called FeldenChrist – it’s a therapy developed by a man named Moshe Feldenkrais. It’s a physical therapy that embraces the undeniable (sorry, Descartes) mind/body connection. Does that take a bit of the weird off?

Why not enrol now? Open your mind to the possibility that things can get better; that you can make them better. Feldenkrais isn’t just helpful for people in pain. Becoming consciously aware of nervous system patterns can help with things from basic co-ordination to elite fitness training; from basic concentration to intense study; from physical relief to emotional relief.

And so, dear horses, here is the water. Drink if you will.

Love & An Opportunity,

P.S. I still have many things to tell you, but sometimes life is for the world outside of screens and bytes. I’ve not yet reached the point where I can keep increasing my physical activity and also find the brain space to write about it. I’m progressing, Audy, but I have learnt to be patient about the whole thing. I’m sorry I haven’t replied to your emails or read your blog posts yet, you know who you are.

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  • 4 thoughts on “Feldenkrais For Free, A Fabulous Opportunity!

      1. Hayley Cafarella Post author

        Thanks! After the years of things that made me worse, having something that makes me better is just indescribably amazing. I am actually looking forward to the future now, looking forward to exploring my mind and body further and hopefully ridding myself of most, if not all, of this stupid pain! x

    1. Tracey

      You’re so awesome … I’m glad you’ve found a path towards freedom and liberation … they are both the most incredible of feelings.

      It’s also particularly fantastic how much you share of yourself and your experiences with others … being a giver to the world is the wonderful thing to be.
      Take care.

      1. Hayley Cafarella Post author

        Aw, thank you, you are so lovely! I am so much looking forward to the future and exploring my own body and mind more, it’s a feeling I was missing for so long. Glad it’s back in its place :) xx

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