Editing Myself Talking Is A Whole Lotta Myself To Deal With

Dear Audy,

I MISS YOU!! I am still sick, it’s been 3 weeks! Off to the doctor again tomorrow to find out what the next step in my life is going to be, that’s good news as limbo is painful and seemingly endless. I miss my brain! It’s been forever since I’ve written (in blog years) and I wish I had something more exciting for you than this…

20090325 editing suite

I finally sat and recorded my experiences during my ketamine infusion. It took quite a bit of explaining and, being an RSD-er, I have trouble with memory and skip around a little and sometimes I’d forget stuff and have to come back and I wanted to add in some pictures I took in hospital and the colossal ending to this spectacular story is that I now have some editing to do. The good news is I have finally figured out how to use the editing software my computer came with…took me back a few years…I spent some time at film school after high school and even though Windows Media Maker is no Final Cut Pro the experience has helped and it’s managing the job for my purposes.

It’s going to be a few posts in the end but hopefully you will find it both informative and entertaining.

Anyhoo, my google reader is like a desk of overflowing inboxes….I’m looking forward to scrolling through your bloggy goodness during random moments of functional brain. Such low function, Audy, that I have been reading Stephanie Meyer…and YES I am ashamed of myself…it feels trashier than a $5 romance.

Love, Sniffles & Projects,


P.S. The Melbourne Grand Prix has started…sigh…I’m right across the road, which might be a good thing if I wasn’t stuck here ALL day…also if I liked car racing.

P.P.S. Sometimes the RSD stops me blogging for a while, but it hasn’t stopped me tweeting yet, 140 characters is all the communication my brain can handle sometimes! To tweet with me go to http://twitter.com/Rellacafa I like to banter, not to follow people for the sake of having a lot of followers that I don’t care about, I’d rather care about you so let me know who you are!

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  • One thought on “Editing Myself Talking Is A Whole Lotta Myself To Deal With

    1. Lisa Moon

      Hey, girl! GAH, you’re still sickies?! I’m so bummed to hear that! I am such an advocate of natural remedies that work; get yourself some oregano products from your local holistic foods shop – I like Oregamax. It’s an anti-biotic, anti-fungal and all sortsa goodies, but won’t kill off your good bacteria. It has killed many a nasty illness off for me and my son – including a projectile-vomiting bout of food poisoning, mid-puke, when I took some liquid oregano oil under my tongue; worked in minutes! (Sure, it tastes STRONG but when you’re yakking, ya stop caring and can’t taste anyway…). It also keeps me from getting the cold sores I used to get regularly (and embarrassingly) on my lip… and when I feel like I might be getting an earache, I use it then, too. Look it up if you’re interested; there’s science, not just ‘woowoo’ to back it up. :)

      ANYway, looking forward to hearing about your infusion experiences and you’ll be in my thoughts as I wish you healthy and pain-free (or at least much less pain).



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