Coping Better Than Ever Before With The Copious Constraints Of A Crooked Jaw

Dear Audy,

It’s talkie first this post, I recorded this one yesterday, on the most productive day that I’ve had all week! I quickly grabbed the camera to talk to you while I was feeling positive, it’s hard to stay positive amongst pain and I was so full of positivity yesterday that I needed to document it, lest I forget that it’s possible to smile on when things get rough.

Sammy makes a brief appearance to give me a kiss, what a sweetie.

Along with beginning the little project that I spoke about in the video, I managed to do two loads of laundry yesterday and get them in off the line before it rained (by seconds)! I also killed at writing my story, I breezed past the 8k word goal that I set with my writing buddy to have completed by today. A day early? Go me! My final massive achievement was to cook myself dinner, after not finding out that I would need to do that until dinner time itself. I washed the dishes in the kitchen, that had been collecting for a couple of days. I managed to go to the supermarket (which is across the road, but still an effort for me) and cook myself an easy chicken satay stir fry. I used a pre-made sauce and boosted it with a couple of spoonfuls of peanut butter…an excellent idea, in case you are wondering. I served that up to myself on some coconut rice and sat down (rather late) to eat, feeling mighty chuffed about doing so much.

How did I get through all of that in one day without a complete burnout? Pacing. Yes, that magical ‘p’ word that I preach practically every post. It’s ever so important. For me, pacing correctly is quite literally life changing in importance. If you are suffering chronic pain, it’s pretty important for you too. Not being able to do all of something in one go, doesn’t mean we can’t do any of it.

I am still feeling sore in the jaw. Talking is the absolute enemy, all of those fine movements of the jaw and tongue sends a gazillion pain signals to my brain. It is getting better, I shall keep on relaxing and working at making it better, rather than just waiting for it to heal itself. I’m all about the active relaxation at the moment, I need to be strict with myself. It’s not enough to simply rest when the pain flares up. I need to make that rest time count by interchanging it with doable activity and keeping my mind flexible to cope with the unpredictable flow of flaring and ability.

Sure, my face might be a bit skewiffy and eating is a slight problem, but I get there, it’s not the end of the world and the best news is, I’m coping with the sudden influx in pain much better than I think I ever have before.

Love & Coping Evolution,

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    1. Melissa

      Good for you! So glad the Feldenkrais is helping and the pacing is working.

      Our writing challenge is such good fun! Have added to my word count today, but you’re still in front. :) I will have a new URL for you to link to, soon…

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