Cooking Dinner: An Extreme Sport Adventure

Dear Audy,

I feel like I tumbled backwards down a cliff, or out of an aeroplane, or off of a bridge. I did nothing quite so dramatic, however, I merely cooked dinner.

Not even a particularly complicated dinner.

But I did have to do dishes to be able to get into the kitchen first, which is a mammoth task (for me) to begin with.

Improving my diet has long been on my list of things that I need to get better at. Yes, I need to get better at improving, don’t want to shoot for the stars just yet. I don’t eat too badly, but that’s mainly because my prince is a fabulous cook. When he’s not around, however, my eating habits spiral down the drain. For someone suffering CRPS, cooking is a huge task. You have to stand for at least half an hour to an hour to cook most dinners worth cooking. You have to pick up crockery and pots. There’s cutting involved, which is a complicated and precise movement of the hands. There’s stirring, holding onto the thin handles of spoons and knobs to grab as you open and close the kitchen cupboards. There’s bowls to be moved around and pots to be taken on and off the stove. You have to twist a lot, lean, put force through your back and legs.

Probably seems like a lot to think about for a daily meal, huh? And to think that we eat three meals daily, or at least most of us do. Most days I eat two meals, simply because I don’t have the energy or activity capacity to handle preparing a third. One of those meals is usually toast (feel free to take a second to put your brain back together if I just blew you away with my culinary skills).

Yesterday, I decided to take a leap at getting better at improving my dietary habits. It was just me for dinner, so no help waiting in the trenches. I chose a recipe from an old Delicious magazine and headed across the road to pick up the ingredients for Spicy Asian Lamb Salad. That was body stress the first: Shopping.

Body stress the second was dishwashing, followed by body stress the third – actual food preparation and cooking. I tried to take regular breaks and let’s face it, a salad isn’t exactly a hard recipe to follow. It’s the small things that add up, like washing all the vegetables and finely chopping ingredients for the dressing and marinade.

I the end, the meal was delicious, just like the magazine title promised me. But afterward, I could barely stand up and I woke up in the middle of the night aching all over as though I had run a marathon. It took several painkillers to get me back to sleep. Today has been for rest and recovery…just from cooking ONE dinner!! Shortly I’m heading back off to the hydro pool, getting back in the water has also been on my list of things to do and I think a bob around in some warm water might help this nutso body to remember that it’s OK for me to do things occasionally.

20100531 Spicy Asian Lamb Salad

Love & Exhaustion,

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  • 10 thoughts on “Cooking Dinner: An Extreme Sport Adventure

    1. Carly Findlay

      I have not finished reading yet but best line of your blog ever:

      ‘One of those meals is usually toast (feel free to take a second to put your brain back together if I just blew you away with my culinary skills).’

      Not that previous things you’ve written have not been profound…

      I will read more now.

    2. Carly Findlay

      Ok, finished reading.
      I can’t imagine how difficult things must be for you. That much pain for a salad.

      Have you considered getting quality prepared foods for one meal? I sometimes head to the deli to get some home cooked meals when I can’t manage.

      1. admin Post author

        heehee, thank you :) I’ve considered trying lite and easy, but just never seemed worth the cost as I can’t always count on my appetite to be there to eat the food either…might give it a go if this bad period continues for much longer, I don’t know how much junk food I can take and still be able to get dressed ;P xx

    3. Matthew Smith

      Hey, that looks lovely … I hope after all that pain that you could eat it! I have a friend on Facebook who has ME and often makes cakes but her condition gives her so much nausea that she can’t eat them.

      1. admin Post author

        ooh, that’s awful! I don’t think I could make cakes if I couldn’t eat them….I’d be thinking it’s time for a new hobby! Thankfully this was really nice…but I haven’t even been able to make a sandwich since, so I think I’ve really paid quite enough for a salad!! ;D

    4. Della

      Great job! That looks tasty. I agree, it’s quite an adventure to cook. I find that I recognize every tiny little step like I’d never have done before. “Get a can from the porch… can I manage without….?” lol

      1. admin Post author

        Thanks Della! It is amazing how many tiny things that we do that are now so difficult that they seem like mountains! Thankfully, it was a very yummy recipe and it made it through two dinners…I would have been shattered if it hadn’t tasted nice 😉

    5. Jeanne


      If it were not for my dear husband, I would probably waste away because food preparation is a similar challenge for me… exhausting and painful. You described it so well! I too fall short of three meals a day because when I’m home alone, it takes all my energy to grab a simple snack (something as healthy as possible).

      On a brighter note, this line was completely hilarious to me:

      “One of those meals is usually toast (feel free to take a second to put your brain back together if I just blew you away with my culinary skills”.

      You are too funny!! I’m sending positive energy your way!


      1. admin Post author

        teehee! Always happy to give someone a giggle :)

        It’s amazing how such a simple thing as eating can be so hard! I’ve just realised I’m in THAT situation again…home alone, no food, very hard time moving…sigh, I have no idea where dinner is coming from! x

    6. franci


      I just adore you!! You are as great-witted as you are well spoken. I’ve had SO much trouble in the past with getting food prepared. I’m paying the price for it now!

      Keep up your good nutrition as best as you can, even though you are in pain, you just can’t afford not to!


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